Hasan speechless after finding Valkyrae’s RFLCT product in his PO Box gifts

Hasan opening a RFLCT gift set during his stream with Valkyrae looking shockedTwitch: HasanAbi/YouTube: Valkyrae

Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker was lost for words when he unboxed a gift set from Rachel Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter’s controversial RFLCT skincare brand that had been sitting in his PO Box for nine months. 

YouTube star Valkyrae found herself in the firing line back in October 2021 after she announced that she was launching her own blue light skincare brand ‘RFLCT.’ With the products being slammed by streamers and fans alike, it wasn’t long before the brand was closed down for good.

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Although it caused a great deal of stress for Valkyrae, the YouTuber has since moved on from the drama and even feels comfortable enough to joke about the RFLCT backlash with her fans.

Yet, the infamous controversy surrounding the skincare line continues to flare up occasionally among the streaming community as was the case during Hasan‘s May 31 livestream.

Valkyrae streaming on YouTube with her hands up in the airYouTube: Valkyrae
Valkyrae admitted that her experience with the RFLCT backlash left her traumatized.

Hasan receives RFLCT gift set in PO Box

On stream, Hasan finally decided to open some of the gifts he’d been sent from fans via his PO box after a nine-month wait live on his Twitch stream. However, he noticed something scarily familiar about the packaging for one of the boxes.

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“I don’t even know if I want to open this,” Hasan claimed. “If this is what I think it is…Okay, let’s just go. Let’s just open it.”

Giving a knowing smirk to the camera, Hasan revealed the RFLCT branding on the box lid sending fans into hysterics. He then opened the box fully to reveal a variety of RFLCT skincare products inside along with a note from Valkyrae.

Hasan joked that the product was “officially a collectible” given how Valkyrae’s association with RFLCT is now defunct. He also revealed that the set was sent to him all the way back in October before the controversy.

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It was particularly ironic for Hasan given how he was one of the streamers who responded to Valkyrae over the initial backlash. Although, in his latest stream he claimed that Valkyrae was “gaslighted” into sponsoring RFLCT.

Valkyrae hasn’t responded to the clip yet, although, fans were in agreement that Hasan should hang on to the set as it could be a valuable item in the future.

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