Hasan slams celebrities who promote NFTs: “You’re an idiot”


Twitch star Hasan ‘Hasanabi’ Piker had harsh words for the current NFT craze, saying they’re “not art” and called them a “pyramid scheme.”

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, became a massive craze in 2021. Despite the serious amount of backlash they’ve caused for celebrities and organizations alike, there are seemingly new NFT projects announced every day.

Twitch star streamer Pokimane roasted the new technology, calling them “cringe” and said: “It’s just so obvious when they’re (celebrities) only doing it for the bag.”

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Now, fellow Twitch star Hasan has joined in on roasting the digital tokens, and implying NFT buyers are only in it for the potential profits.

Hasan on his Twitch stream.Twitch: Hasan
Hasan has over 1.8 million followers on Twitch.

Hasan hits out at NFTs

Hasan was streaming on February 1 when he tore apart NFTs and the people who promote them.

He specifically roasted the popular Bored Apes, which have quickly become the face for all NFTs.

“The one good thing about art was that it was supposed to make you feel something. It was supposed to make you feel emotions, it’s supposed to be captivating. These apes are everything but that. All of these NFTs are so disgusting. It’s quite literally a copy-paste.”

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Hasan reacted to a viral video of Jimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton chatting about the Bored Apes they purchased, brutally mocking the pair.

“‘It’s really cool!’ No, it’s not. It’s not really cool. You’re an idiot.”

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The 30-year-old Twitch streamer went on to say NFTs are a “scam”, and “saying this is modern art is idiotic.”

Hasan made it clear he doesn’t believe in NFTs, and probably won’t be buying one any time soon.

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