Hasan responds to furious hate messages from Nicki Minaj fans after viral tweets

Jacob Hale
nicki minaj and hasanabi beef on Twitch
Instagram: nickiminaj/Twitch: HasanAbi

Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker might be best known for his political commentary, but he’s now found himself in a very public spat with none other than rap queen Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj has been making headlines for particularly bizarre reasons in September 2021, with some interesting posts online about her cousin, as well as beefing with Great Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

It’s been the source of some excellent memes and viral tweets, with fans and critics of the star alike both somewhat baffled by everything that is going on.

This time, Minaj tweeted her opinions on vaccinations, and when Hasan responded sarcastically, it went viral. “The world awaits your wonderful contribution to the scientific community,” he joked.

Of course, Nicki’s fanbase, the Barbz, weren’t going to just let the sarcastic comment slide, and Hasan received far more backlash than he likely imagined.

With an outpouring of hateful tweets and messages directed at him, Hasan read some out on stream and responded to them.

“The only reason you have any sort of audience is because you used to be hot,” one of the messages read. “Now you’re a fat, ugly guy who’s speeding at the age of white. The clock’s ticking and you’re damn near 40… You’re as ill-tempered and self-conscious as a teenage boy.”

Funnily enough, Hasan didn’t take too much offense to the above message. He commended the “speed of white” comment, calling it an “excellent diss.”

The main issue, he found, was that Nicki herself is actually approaching 40 at 38 years of age, with Hasan himself only just turning 30. “If I was a f**king Barb, I wouldn’t be using that as a diss” he exclaimed.

Whether this beef goes any further remains to be seen, but it’s fair to say that the Nicki Minaj stans far outnumber the Hasan viewers — but that doesn’t seem to be bothering him.