Hasan replaces Chris Pratt’s Super Mario Bros. voice in hilarious fan edit

hasan super mario brosIllumination/Nintendo

In a fan-edited version of the new Super Mario Bros. movie trailer, Hasan Piker’s voice replaced Chris Pratt’s, resulting in a rather hilarious portrayal of the Italian plumber.

For those who have been living under a rock, Chris Pratt is the voice of Mario in the upcoming movie. This decision resulted in a big divide among the community, which eventually became a running meme across social media.

After The Super Mario Bros. official trailer dropped, fans began switching out the voice for Mario, experimenting with various actors, and even comparing different languages of the official dub.

One fan has now replaced Chris Pratt’s voice with popular Twitch streamer Hasan’s, creating a hilarious parody that some have argued is superior to the original.

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“You should have unironically casted me as the voice actor. I’m Mario,” Hasan states in the beginning. Editor Banmo took this line to heart, inspiring the creation of their video.

“Hey how ya doin… Let’s go,” the edited trailer starts. Hasan’s oofs and ahs follow very soon after, as the content creator gets pummeled by Donkey Kong.

The entire video is full of Hasan screaming, as Mario gets absolutely destroyed by obstacles and stage hazards. Despite Hasan’s voice sounding very different to the one in which many would expect to play Mario, the edited video manages to incorporate his iconic screams and reactions to fit the trailer.

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The clip is quickly piling up views, as thousands see the amusing edit across both YouTube and Twitter. So it’s likely only a matter of time until Hasan himself reacts to the edit.

“I really hope Hasan watches this,” one user commented. “This is actually so good,” another stated, showing appreciation for the work of art.