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Hasan mortified after missing Twitch donation at worst time possible

Published: 10/May/2020 20:50 Updated: 11/May/2020 4:27

by Brent Koepp


Popular Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker was left red in the face after accidentally missing a donation. The commentator’s mishap couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

Hasan is one of the most popular faces of Twitch, pulling in thousands of viewers to his variety broadcasts. The personality entertains viewers with a mix of gaming, and commentary on social issues.

However during his latest stream, the star was mortified after a missed donation happened at the worst timing ever. His rant coincidentally failed to soften the blow for a viewer who donated with a message about an emotional subject.


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Hasan mortified over bad timing

The streamer was reacting to a popular episode of 90 Day Fiance when a donation came in that said “I’ve been watching you for a while now and you’ve helped me a lot. Today my first-ever long-term girlfriend broke up…”

Unfortunately the Twitch star did not hear it, and began to launch into a poorly-timed rant. “Your ex girlfriend is doing the exact same nasty kind of s**t that she did to you to other guys now. You just have to live with that reality.”

Pouring more salt in the wound, he exclaimed, “Everything she did in the bedroom with you she is doing with everyone else.” Eventually the personality saw his chat, and realized his mistake. “Oh my God!” he exclaimed, putting his hand over his mouth. “I’m so sorry, dude, I swear to God I did not know.”


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Mortified, Hasan continued to apologize to the viewer and explained he wasn’t talking about him. “Your ex girlfriend is not doing it. Okay? We were just talking about another ex girlfriend. I wasn’t referencing you.”

He then clarified to the donator that he was talking about a Joe Rogan clip. “It’s literally a Joe Rogan bit. I’m so sorry. It’s probably better I don’t show you the Joe Rogan bit. F**k!”

The streamer looked through his chat and saw all the messages being spammed about bad timing of his rant. “Oh no!” he let out, before putting his hand over his mouth again.


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The mishap wasn’t really Hasan’s fault, given the sheer amount of messages that streamers can receive at any given time. This isn’t the first time a Twitch donation has had incredibly bad timing either. Back in September 2019, Nymn suffered a similar fate.

If nothing else, this is an example of the live nature of streams – mistakes can happen. Regardless, the personality continues to crush it on the Amazon-owned platform. At the time of writing, he’s amassed 306k followers to his channel.