Hasan mocks Trainwrecks’ pitch to replace Elon Musk as Twitter CEO

Hasan streaming next to TrainwrecksTwitch: Trainwrecks / HasanAbi

Twitch giant HasanAbi has roasted his fellow streamer Trainwrecks’ pitch to replace Elon Musk as Twitter’s CEO, claiming it’s the most “ChatGPT” thing he can imagine. 

Elon Musk’s takeover and management of Twitter has been a monumental story over the last few months. From investing $44bn to making changes so unpopular they were instantly backtracked on, it seems nothing can be ruled out as we approach 2023. 

After holding an open poll to ask whether he should step down as Twitter CEO (in which 57% of voters said yes), Musk confirmed he would once a “foolish enough” replacement had been sourced. 

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Since then there has been radio silence. However, one unlikely Twitch streamer has thrown their candidacy into the ring in the form of Trainwrecks. 

Trainwrecks’ wouldn’t let “clout” influence his role as Twitter CEO

In a December 20 tweet, the streamer volunteered to replace Musk. He claimed he would avoid being influenced by popular opinion and that the platform’s CEO should be a “centrist”. 

“I’ll not only take the position,” he said, “but I’ll put in a lot of money so you know I won’t come in just to f**k it up and f**k you over. On top of that, this position needs to be filled by a centrist that isn’t influenced by “clout” or popular opinion votes.” 

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While some hopped in to vouch for Train, others couldn’t believe what they were reading. One who was less than impressed was Hasan, never one to shy away from offering an opinion on a contentious topic. 

Hasan roasts “goat” Train after Twitter CEO pitch

“This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen,” he joked. “Oh god, he is literally the goat, the f**king goat dude… I feel like this tweet was crafted in a lab by like ChatGPT to write the most Trainwrecks-ass tweet you could.” 

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With Twitter seemingly swinging from one bizarre move to the next at the moment, we wouldn’t rule out Trainwrecks getting involved at a high level. 

Regardless, Hasan isn’t endorsing his fellow streamer for the position just yet.