Hasan gives his verdict on PewDiePie being “bully” to deaf TikToker Scarlet May

Hasan reacts to pewdiepie scarlet mayYouTube: HasanAbi, PewDiePie / TikTok: scarlet_may.1

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan has revealed his verdict on the controversy surrounding YouTube star PewDiePie, who has been called a “bully” for mocking a deaf TikToker.

Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg is YouTube’s most-subscribed independent content creator.

Boasting over 111 million subscribers, it stands to reason that the internet pays attention to his every move… but his most recent video is sparking controversy after he mocked a deaf woman in a TikTok ‘cringe compilation.’

The TikToker, Scarlet May, is a disability activist who is trying to normalize using ASL with her long nails, which PewDiePie notably made fun of in his video.

The incident prompted a wave of backlash online, with Scarlet May notably calling his actions “weird” and “unnecessary” in her own response to the matter.

Hasan responds to PewDiePie drama

Now, Twitch streamer Hasan has weighed in on the subject, saying that PewDiePie was likely being mean toward the TikToker without fully understanding her condition.

“I think he was being a bully,” Hasan said in an episode of the H3 Podcast. “Like a d**k, right? And I think that we have a tendency to immediately take something and turn it into from being a bully and a d**k to being like, oh this is ableist and racist.”

“I really don’t think he did this maliciously,” host Ethan Klein followed up. “But I do think that we need to be more considerate about how we talk about things [like that].”

“If you’re gonna be mean, be mean to f**kin’ actual bad people,” Hasan replied. “Don’t be mean to f**kin’ random deaf girls on the internet.”

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PewDiePie also published a statement on the subject 14 hours after his video was uploaded, calling the ordeal “an honest mistake” and clarifying that he “had no clue she was deaf.”