Hasan fans go wild over viral watermelon-crushing TikTok

Hasan TikTok watermelon crushing videoTwitch/TikTok: HasanAbi

Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker sent fans into a meltdown after he posted a TikTok video in which he crushed an entire watermelon with his thighs. The clip was in response to Hasan raising over $115k for women’s reproductive health services.

Streaming star Hasan is famous for his recurrent political commentary, occasionally striking up some heated debates among fans both on stream and across social media.

So, it’s no surprise that the news that millions of US women could be on the verge of losing the legal right to abortion according to a leaked government document, Hasan quickly condemned the move. He then went a step further by launching a charity drive to help women pay for safe abortions.

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He promised that if the fundraiser raised $100k, he would post a video of himself crushing a watermelon with his thighs. Going on to smash his target, Hasan kept true to his promise.

Hasan streamingTwitch: HasanAbi
Twitch streamer Hasan launched a campaign to raise $100k for women’s reproductive health services.

Hasan’s watermelon-crushing TikTok goes viral

Although his original target was $100k, Hasan’s campaign went on to raise $115k by the first day. So, it was time to live up to his promise to fans and show off his epic watermelon-crushing skills.

Saying “promises made, promises kept, folks,” Hasan is featured sitting down on his outside patio before sticking the giant fruit between his thighs.

His first attempt didn’t have the desired effect he was looking for. However, his second one went perfectly giving him the ‘explosive break’ he wanted.

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Fans could not get enough of the TikTok, with the clip reaching 412.7k views and 89k likes in just 18 hours, as of writing.

One particularly enthusiastic fan said: “Not even watched [the clip] yet but I’ve saved it.” After Hasan joked that he should sell “freshly crushed watermelon directly from [his] thighs,” one responded: “I’ll take 10.”

Since the video, Hasan has gone on to raise $150k for charities that provide financial support for women’s reproductive health services. But, he’s not stopping there as he promised that he will continue to raise money during his streams.

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