Hasan calls out Trainwrecks for “undermining” his earthquake relief fund

hasan black shirt mic screenshot headerYouTube: HasanAbi

Popular Twitch streamer and content creator HasanAbi hit back at TrainwrecksTV for “undermining” his personal earthquake relief fund donations.

For those who may have missed it, popular content creators HasanAbi and IShowSpeed set out to raise funds for the devastating earthquakes that affected Turkey and Syria on February 6, 2023.

Despite eventually raising well over $1 million of relief funds through donations, both from viewers and fellow Twitch streamers, the pair received some backlash over the course of the event.

Now, Hasan is once again speaking out about his fundraising efforts after TrainwrecksTV seemingly belittled Hasan’s personal donation efforts to the relief fund.

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Hasam slams Trainwrecks for “undermining” relief fund donations

The clip comes from Hasan’s stream on March 14, 2023. Towards the tail-end of the stream, Hasan reacted to a portion of a conversation between streamer willneff and Trainwrecks.

In the conversation, willneff and Trainwrecks discussed Hasan’s political leanings and the controversy surrounding his wealth. In the clip, Trainwrecks claimed people need to show support through their actions in certain situations, to which willneff asked if Hasan’s earthquake relief fundraiser did not showcase this.

Trainwrecks responded and said, “I think it’s nice to crowdfund to match a small percentage of that yourself, but -” Hasan then stopped the clip to weigh in on Train’s opinion.

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“Look at him undermining 50 grand. Like, I’m sorry I don’t have $700 million from crypto and gambling sponsorships. That’s crazy.”

The streamer was left stunned after Trainwrecks claimed the amount Hasan donated was “a small percentage” of the total fund, which sits at $1,390,453.90 at the time of writing.

He went on to explain that influencers “always undermine” large charity donation efforts. “They don’t shut the f*ck up about a $1,000 shirt for 700 years, but the moment that I put 50 grand out of my pocket for something I f*cking believe in—that’s a tiny percentage.”

Hasan ended the clip by saying it’s potentially harmful when other streamers undermine the effort that creators put into setting up charity fundraisers like his earthquake relief efforts, and that a lot more work goes into it behind the scenes than some may think at first glance.

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