Hasan blasts Logan Paul’s response to Coffeezilla: “What the f*ck”

logan paul hasan pikerLogan Paul/Hasan Piker

Twitch star Hasan ‘Hasanabi’ Piker unloaded on Logan Paul after the social media star posted a response video to Coffeezilla over his investigation into his cryptocurrency project CryptoZoo.

YouTube investigative journalist Coffeezilla made waves on social media after releasing a three-part series looking into Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo project.

After pushing the videos live, they’ve garnered attention from everyone across the internet as Coffee revealed tons of investors have lost thousands of dollars on the project, labeling it a “scam.”

Logan Paul responded with various tweets and jabs at Coffee, and finally on January 3, released a full video addressing Coffeezilla directly for the first time on his main YouTube channel.

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Hasan reacts to Logan Paul addressing Coffezilla

The 31-year-old was live on January 3 when he watched Logan Paul’s video addressing Coffeezilla, and was stunned by what the YouTuber-turned-boxer decided to focus on.

Paul opens the video by claiming Coffee’s judgment was “clouded” by his desire to go viral.

Hasan responded, “What the f*ck. Bro, this dude conducted a two-year-long investigation, showed proof of a very obvious interest in rug-pulling, and now Logan Paul’s like, ‘Oh, you’re click-baiting.’ Come on, dog.”

Hasan also was stunned by Logan going after Coffeezilla’s credibility as a journalist. Paul went as far as to say that Coffee is a “lopsided journalist with an agenda” and is “nothing more than the Keemstar of crypto.”

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Piker said, “The disrespect here is f*cking insane, holy shit. He’s unironically like, ‘Hey, I used to love your work, but also, now that you’ve come after me multiple times, it’s kind of f*cked up. I’m gonna just say you’re Keemstar.”

The political streamer was stunned that Paul was more interested in attacking Coffeezilla’s integrity as a journalist rather than defending himself from the “scam” accusations made in his trilogy of videos.