Hasan appears on BBC TV while live on Twitch to discuss US gun laws

. 28 days ago
Hasan speaking to BBC News while streaming on Twitch
Twitch: HasanAbi/ BBC News

Content creator Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker made a surprise appearance on BBC News all the while streaming on his Twitch channel to share his opinion on the dispute over US gun laws.

As well as being a Twitch streamer, Hasan is famed for his political and social commentary via his platform.

Getting into heated debates with fans and his fellow streamers, he isn’t afraid to share his left-wing views and discuss some of the world’s most serious topics.

One particularly sensitive topic which has divided the globe is the discussion over the US’s gun laws following numerous and devastating shootings in the country. It wasn’t long before Hasan was asked to share his take on the issue.

HasanAbi streaming on Twitch
Twitch: Hasanabi
Hasan became famous for his left-wing political commentary after he started to stream on Twitch in 2018.

Hasan appears on the BBC

On June 7, Hasan was in the middle of a Twitch stream when he broke away for an interview with the BBC. Of course, he made sure to have his picture of Queen Elizabeth II and Barack Obama in full view.

When asked about whether there could be change to laws surrounding gun ownership in the US, Hasan responded: “There’s always been real momentum to try and enact some kind of change with regards to gun violence in this country, but unfortunately I’m a little more pessimistic than [the UK].”

It comes after the US was shaken by a series of devastating mass shootings at a supermarket in Buffalo and at an elementary school in Texas.

A vast number of public figures have called on the US to tighten the laws over gun ownership to avoid any such disasters occurring again. However, according to Hasan, it might not be enough.

He claimed: “The gun manufacturers are proportionately too powerful of an industry and the gun lobby is incredibly powerful with their lobbying efforts.”

He added that while the public are “traumatized” by the events, “What the people want in America and what the politicians end up doing are two completely different things.”

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