Hannah Stocking uses ‘fake Hannah’ to avoid Ondreaz Lopez breakup questions

Hannah Stocking poses in an Instagram photoInstagram: hannahstocking

Influencer and TikTok personality Hannah Stocking found a creative way to avoid questions about her breakup with Ondreaz Lopez when being interviewed by the paparazzi, swapping herself for a bizarre Hannah impersonator.

Hannah Stocking is an internet personality who has found a substantial following on multiple platforms, including 18 million followers on Instagram and over 22 million followers on TikTok.

Her focus is on comedy content, and she gets millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes for every video she posts.

However, she was caught up in drama recently when ex-boyfriend and fellow TikToker Ondreaz Lopez was accused of having relations with a minor, and was subsequently sued. The case against him and his brother Tony Lopez, who is also being sued for allegedly soliciting minors, is ongoing.

Ondreaz Lopez posing in an Instagram picInstagram: ondreaz
Ondreaz and Hannah started dating towards the end of 2020.

Following this drama, Hannah and Ondreaz ended up ending their relationship, though how exactly everything went down is unclear, as the details of what happened between the two aren’t very public.

Hannah Stocking pranks paparazzi

Naturally, fans are keen to know what exactly happened between the pair, and paparazzi made sure to follow up on the situation when they spotted the star out in public.

Hannah explained that she had spent Valentine’s day alone, and when asked about the situation with her and Ondreaz, and if everything was okay, she replied: “I hope so. We broke up but I’d prefer not to talk about it. I hope everybody’s doing well and okay, and everybody’s happy.”

When she was asked about her friend and fellow influencer Lele Pons, she suddenly stopped the interview, dashing to her car and saying she forgot her purse.

It wasn’t Hannah that emerged again from the car, but instead, a guy dressed in the star’s exact outfit, down to the patterned face mask, leather jacket, and paired with a blonde wig.

The fake Hannah joked that her outfit was “all Gucci,” before randomly tripping and dropping her purse.  The paparazzi spoke with the “imposter” for a short while, baffled by the bizarre swap, before the actual Hannah returned.

The interview continued without directly addressing the prank, but it seemed to lighten the mood, and had fans in the comment section loving how “she’s still trying to make people laugh even if she’s going through stuff.”