Hank Green roasts Instagram over NFT integration feature: “Shut the f**k up”

Alec Mullins
Hank Green in YouTube videoYouTube: Vlogbrothers

Vlogbrother and science communicator Hank Green has taken aim at Instagram’s newly announced NFT integration feature and questioned the company’s true intentions.

On May 9, Instagram Lead Adam Mosseri posted a Reel explaining how Instagram is working towards implementing NFTs into the app in a creator-friendly way.

In his video, the big boss man explains that by adding NFT-specific features, the platform could take another step towards helping creators “make a living doing what they love.”

As something of an expert on the topic of creator finances, Hank Green stepped in to point out just how much money IG makes off of users on its platform and to question where all of that cash actually ends up.

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Hank Green roasts Instagram over NFT integration plans

Green starts off by questioning the authenticity of Mosseri’s video and diving straight into the numbers.

“I don’t want to get super snarky on you, because I have friends that work at Instagram, but oh my god shut the f**k up. In 2020, Instagram made $24 billion dollars and all of that money, all of it, was made on advertisements placed in between pieces of content on your app.”

The popular YouTuber went on to suggest that the NFT rollout has less to do with helping creators and is just another way for the company to pad its pockets.

“It sounds like you’re trying to figure out a really tough nut to crack – which is how to help creators make a living doing what they love without sharing any of the $24 billion dollars a year that you make. It just sounds really tough.”

This isn’t the first time that Green has been critical of the relationship between large corporations and their creators.

Back in January, the YouTube star uploaded a 20-minute video explaining how TikTok is “dramatically underpaying” the people who make content on the app.