Hailey Bieber pleads for TikTok harassment to stop: “Please leave me alone”

hailey bieber tiktok videoTikTok: haileybieber

Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey has posted a somber video to TikTok, begging users to “leave her alone” in her comments.

Hailey (who is also the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin) and Justin got married in September 2018 after dating for around two years, and have been one of the most talked-about couples in Hollywood ever since.

As a result of their fame and immense popularity, though, comes a lot of scrutiny and hate, both online and off, and situations like these are always in danger of being exacerbated due to social media.

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TikTok has been often a tough place for celebrities or people that pick up a lot of attention — even Taio Cruz was “bullied off” the app, saying “never in my life have I had a more negative experience than my past few days on here.”

Justin Bieber car collection 2020Instagram: @justinbieber
Hailey is the wife of globally celebrated pop star Justin Bieber.

While Hailey no doubt receives a lot of positive comments on her videos, the negative ones are clearly getting to her.

“Leave me alone at this point,” she said in the 20-second video. “I’m minding my business, I don’t say anything, I don’t do anything. Leave me alone, please. Enough time has gone by where it’s valid to leave me alone. I beg of you, truly. That’s my only request. Leave me alone. Be miserable somewhere else, please.”

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The video was posted on the evening of April 12 and, within 12 hours at the time of writing, has already been viewed over 15 million times.

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While Hailey isn’t explicit in her reasons for asking people to leave her alone, many of those commenting are speculating that it’s related to the multitude of comments regarding Selena Gomez that are left on her videos every day.

Selena dated Justin on and off from 2011 to around 2014, and many of their fans still ship ‘Jelena’ as a couple, regardless of his marital status with Hailey.

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Whether this is the definite reason for Hailey’s rant is unclear, but it’s safe to say she’s had enough of the negativity online.

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