Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson is down to spar with Logan Paul and the internet can’t wait

Virginia Glaze
YouTube: Mike Thurston / Instagram: Logan Paul

Logan Paul is winding down from his electric exhibition match against Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, but he may have another opponent already lined up — one of gargantuan proportions.

Logan Paul is slowly but steadily climbing the ranks from YouTuber to professional boxer. The influencer took on the title for his rematch against fellow content creator KSI in 2019, and subsequently touched gloves with Floyd Mayweather in 2021.

While he hasn’t had as illustrious a boxing career as his little bro, Jake Paul, Logan is still making efforts to line up impressive fights and sparring matches… and he may have found an impressive sparring partner who’s a bit above his weight class.

Well, a bit might be stretching it. On a September 23 episode of his ‘IMPAULSIVE’ podcast, Paul sat down with Icelandic strongman, Game of Thrones’ Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson, to talk everything from movie magic to boxing.

Logan Paul KO rumors Floyd MayweatherAmanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Logan Pau faced off against 50-0 boxing champ Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather on June 6, 2021.

As the two were chatting it up, Bjornsson brought up the possibility of a sparring match with Logan, and even suggested the YouTuber take him on outright. (It’s worth noting that Hafthor is a staggering 6’9″ and clocks in at an impressive 345 pounds.)

“You should challenge me next,” the Mountain said, coming off a conversation about Paul’s bout with the significantly smaller Floyd Mayweather. “Because I’m heavier now, and I’m taller. Who wins that fight?”

Halfthor wins boxing matchYouTube: iFL TV
Hafthor Bjornsson recently won a boxing match against Devon Larratt, taking the victory with a ref stoppage in the fight’s very first round.

“We should do it right now,” a smirking Paul answered. “We should literally stand up and box.”

“You’re f**ked,” Hafthor joked, pointing toward Paul’s injured right hand wrapped in a cast.

“If you hit me with one punch, I don’t know if I would be on this planet anymore,” Logan answered.


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Injuries aside, it does seem like Bjornsson is absolutely game for a sparring match with Paul… although he’s not sure about a full-blown boxing match.

“I’m not saying that we’re gonna fight, you know, but if you want to spar — just a fun sparring session, I would be down,” the Mountain admitted. “It would be an honor for myself to spar with you.”

(Topic begins at 4:45)

For now, it looks like Paul is nursing his hand back to health — but the possibility of a sparring match between these two unexpected opponents is definitely getting the internet riled up, with some feeling that Logan is definitely going to end up looking like a bug on a windshield.

Thor vs Logan YouTube comment 1

Thor vs Logan comment 2YouTube: IMPAULSIVE
Some debate has ensued as to Paul’s chances against someone as huge as the Mountain.
Thor vs Logan comment 3YouTube: IMPAULSIVE
Some commenters are wanting a WWE-style tag-team with the Paul brothers against Hafthor.

Paul himself is still sorting out a future opponent for his next boxing match, even considering the likes of Mike Tyson. We’ll have to see if he can best the Mountain first when his hand gets back in fighting shape.