Hackers blackmail Greg Paul, threaten to release alleged underage sextape

by Virginia Glaze


The father of popular YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul, Greg Paul, has refused to give into the demands of hackers who have leaked a tape of the Paul patriarch allegedly engaging in sexual relations with an underage girl.


According to celebrity news website The Blast, Greg Paul was contacted by a few individuals claiming to be behind a series of hacks to his social media accounts.

While Greg offered the perpetrators a job due to their hacking skills, they refused, and instead asked for money in exchange for access to his accounts. After refusing a $3,000 ransom for a sensitive video, the ‘Digital Gangsters’ released an alleged sex tape of Paul and a reportedly underage girl, as well as a slew of explicit photos of an unknown woman.



Now, they are threatening to expose even more dirt on Greg Paul - but he isn’t budging.

“They are threatening to expose more stuff and I’m honestly not worried about it,” he told the Blast. “I’m not going to let them have power or control over me and I’m not going to give them anything because I have nothing to hide.”


While the video in question was edited to blur out the faces and bodies of those in question, the headboard of the bed in the video looks startlingly similar to that in Greg Paul’s room.

The hackers likewise claim that Paul is in possession of child pornography, which he also denies.

“I do not know who the woman they posted photos of is but I know there is no evidence of me doing anything with anyone underage because I would never ever do that,” he stated.


Paul has yet to file a police report over the scandal, believing that it would be too difficult to nab the hackers in question, and will fight the allegations by refusing to meet their demands.