HAchubby takes over German music festival with surprising piano skills

HAchubby stuns crowd with piano skillsTwitch: HAchubby

HAchubby is a big name across Twitch, known for her wide variety of wacky IRL content — but aside from her success as a streaming superstar, she’s also a fairly competent pianist.

HAchubby is synonymous with laughter, fun, and good times. The streamer skyrocketed to fame in 2019 after broadcasting her part-time shifts at a local convenience store, leading to some pretty humorous moments and unexpected interactions with customers.

The Korean streamer has since found so much success on Twitch that she’s achieved her dream of opening up her very own convenience store, and has finally been able to travel the globe — giving her audience some pretty memorable traveling streams.

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Her latest adventure took her to Berlin, Germany, where she stunned a group of festival-goers with her piano skills at a music event.

HAchubby begs Twitch fans to stop harassing other streamers over Shake Shack dramaTwitter: HAchubby
HAchubby is a popular Twitch streamer who went from a part-time convenience store worker to a superstar influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers.

While the entire VOD is unavailable, going off of testimonies from viewers, it seems that HAchubby had been merely streaming at the festival when she was approached by members of a jazz band, who asked her what she was doing in Berlin.

After chatting for a bit, the group learned she was a pianist and invited her onstage to play with them— and the ensuing performance was nothing short of totally wholesome.

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HAchubby’s piano performance earns her a big round of applause

HAchubby ended up playing a jazzy version of Frank Sinatra’s ‘Fly Me To The Moon,’ during which the audience danced to the music in the courtyard. Her Twitch viewers got to watch the show from the stage, just between a piano-playing HAchubby and a string-thrumming cellist.

Once the song was over, she was given a hearty round of applause from all assembled, making for a tear-jerking ending to a fun and totally unexpected moment that certainly made her trip to Berlin an unforgettable one.

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“I was so nervous!” she tearfully admitted after walking offstage. “I was so bad! That was crazy!”

While HAchubby might have been a bit “keyed up,” her latest traveling vlog just goes to show how amazing IRL streams can be in the right circumstances, shining a bright light of positivity and cheerfulness onto all who witnessed the event as it happened.

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