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HAchubby stunned after finding out what her parents think of Twitch job

Published: 3/Apr/2020 23:40

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch star HAchubby decided to test her family’s loyalty with a hilarious lie detector test to reveal their real thoughts about her career as an online entertainer.

Korean streamer HAchubby is one of Twitch’s fastest-rising stars, best known for her humorous interactions with fans and other broadcasters, as well as her antic-filled IRL travel streams.

However, her family also plays a huge part in her success on Twitch, with the streamer having broadcasted entire meals with her parents and sibling in the past to largely positive results.

hachubbytv, Instagram
Twitch star HAchubby is backed by a supportive family, who she involved in an April Twitch stream with a humorous experiment.

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In fact, her parents seem incredibly supportive of her choice to become a broadcaster, in spite of the stigma surrounding such an occupation worldwide — but she decided to take their enthusiasm to the next level during an April 3 stream.


Merely asking her family about their thoughts on the subject wasn’t enough, though; instead, HAchubby decided to use a faux “lie detector” device, which she used to test the “truth” of her parents’ responses to questions from her Twitch chat.

HAchubby, Twitch
HAchubby brought her family together for a hilarious experiment using a lie detector – with a certain “shocking” ability.

One of these questions asked about their feelings concerning her job as a streamer: “I think HAchubby’s job is sometimes strange.”

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In response, her family collectively held up signs with a red “X,” indicating that they didn’t agree with the sentiment.

To test their mettle, HAchubby strapped the device to her father’s hand, which determined he was lying with a surprising shock, sending her family into laughter.


That wasn’t the only question that was asked about her job, either: another query stated, “I have been woken up by the loud sound of HAchubby,” seeming to indicate that her streams sometimes get a little too rowdy.

Unsurprisingly, her entire family held up blue circles in confirmation of the statement, with her mother enthusiastically shouting “Yes (echoed by her father’s defeated “Always!”)!”

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While her immediate family might be just fine with her decision to be a streamer, she revealed in a 2019 broadcast that her uncle wasn’t too fond of her occupation, even deleting the Twitch app from his phone after watching a few of her clips.


However, it seems that her parents are relatively supportive of her choice to become a top Twitch streamer — even in spite of her late-night antics.