HAchubby proves she’s a rap god with epic Christmas track

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Dec 24, 2019
Twitch: HAchubby

Popular Twitch streamer HAchubby put on a spectacular Christmas show as she wrote, produced, and performed her own holiday rap anthem.

Since launching her channel back in early 2018, HAchubby has become a rising star on Twitch. The Korean streamer has amassed nearly 150,000 followers on the livestreaming platform and regularly finds herself with thousands of viewers anytime she decides to go live – be it from home or on the go. 

With Christmas just around the corner, the streamer took her opportunity to celebrate the holidays with her fans and treated them to a musical show that they probably won’t forget in a hurry. 

HAchubby regularly uses a piano on-stream but took things on step further with her holiday rap.

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HAchubby kicked off her December 23 stream by getting into the holiday spirit with a Santa Claus outfit and Christmas backdrop. Within a few moments, she busted out her piano and started concocting her track.

As a starting point, the streamer had some pre-recorded ad-libs to work – including “HAChu on the beat” – before remixing the Christmas classic of Jingle Bells into a more suitable backing track.

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After that was figured out and the streamer had her tempo, she moved onto writing some of her own lyrics with the help of chat.

Now, with this being Twitch, it isn’t exactly going to be a lyrical hit but instead, the streamer managed to work in some classic memes as well as moments from the last year – but still kept the overall holiday theme.

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After a few hours of hard work, HAchubby was finally done and able to perform her Christmas rap – doing away with the piano and leaving herself with only the mic.

It may not have been a full length, four-minute-long track, but the impressive near-minute long performance was the perfect way for the streamer to showcase her impressive work – especially with her loyal fans supporting her all the way. 

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Of course, the impressive stream isn’t HAchubby’s first run-in with talented Twitch users, as earlier in December, one fan sent her an epic track that summed up her streaming career. 

Her piano is also a regular feature on broadcast so it wouldn’t be wholly surprising to see her bust out some more songs in the new year. Who knows what she’ll do next.