HAChubby opens ‘HachuMart’ store after streaming forced her to quit her old job

HAchubby opens store HachumartTwitch: HAchubby

Twitch streamer ‘HAchubby’ has opened her own store after revealing to viewers that she quit her previous job as a result of stream doxxers.

HAchubby rose to internet stardom while working in a convenience store. While her antics behind the counter made her viewers laugh, and helped her pass the time, it also caught the attention of her bosses and others who tried to snipe her during her shifts.

On October 28 stream, she gave an emotional message to her viewers, saying that she was forced to quit her job at E-Mart because her boss found out that she was streaming in the store, and that many of her viewers found out the exact E-Mart she worked at.

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“The owner of the E-Mart found out that I was streaming at my job,” she said. “I found it dangerous to keep working because several people found the address of the store I work in.

HAchubby opens store HachumartTwitch: HAchubby
HachuMart has an all-pink interior matching the streamer’s aesthetic

“I do not own this place, so it would be very difficult if something dangerous happens. So I told my boss that I would quit my job at E-Mart.”

She “I will not forget the support of many people who helped me achieve my dream. Daily life at the boring, mediocre convenience store has turned into a special and enjoyable time thanks to you…I will never forget these memories.”

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After teasing details of business venture on Twitter for a few weeks, HAChubby has now turned the tables by opening her very own store called HachuMart and streamed the opening.

Viewers can see that the interior is covered in pink like the streamer’s own color scheme, including bright pink baskets, and there are adorable stuffed puppies on the shelves alongside other regular items you’d normally see in a convenience store. The store also has a screen on the window outside which shows HaChubby’s streams in real-time

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During the stream of the opening, she also revealed a large pink cake and some custom-made HachuMart themed cookies with different designs including the shop logo and images of her face – gifts from her friends to celebrate the opening.

It’s already looking like 2021 will be a great year for the loveable Korean streamer.

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