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HAchubby loses it after IRL stream sniper trolls her with prank gift

Published: 21/Sep/2020 23:00

by Brent Koepp


Popular Korean Twitch streamer HAchubby was left in hysterics when a fan trolled her in-real-life broadcast. The creative prankster brought stream sniping to whole new level.

For many Twitch personalities, one of the biggest challenges they face when playing games are stream snipers. They’re devious pranksters who grief them and try ruin their match in front of their audience.

However, one viewer took this to the next level when they found Korean streamer HAchubby during her IRL broadcast. The mischievous fan’s prank had her in tears of laughter.

hachubby instagram pic
Instagram: HAchubbyTV
The Korean streamer was trolled during her IRL broadcast.

HAchubby gets baited IRL during Twitch stream

The popular streamer was talking to her viewers during a IRL broadcast when a man approached her from the left and said “Hi, HAchubby!” The streamer turned and a fan had her stream on their phone and brought her a gift in person.


“Oh my God, hello!” she told him. The individual then gave her a pizza box as a gift. “Oh, thank you so much! Can I open now?” she asked as she showed her audience the food container.

She then opened it up, and instead of a delicious pizza, the box contained a printed out image of the iconic Twitch “Jebaited” emote. The Korean broke into laughter and exclaimed, “Are you kidding me!? I actually got Jebaited!”

HAchubby held the empty pizza box up to the camera, and showed the emote. “Oh my God, you are genius. I actually got Jebaited!” she said again.  The streamer then talked to the fan and asked him whether she looked different in person. The viewer explained that she looked smaller than she does on Twitch.


The wholesome stream snipe hilariously brought the antics of Twitch to reality, as the viewer actually managed to ‘bait’ the popular personality in real life in front of her audience.

Thankfully the moment was all in good fun as streaming live outside can be completely unpredictable, such as a streamer who was mugged during his IRL broadcast on April 20.