HAchubby instantly regrets eating energy drink powder on stream

HAchubby eating energy drink powderTwitch: HAchubby

Things didn’t quite go to plan for Twitch streamer HAchubby after she attempted to eat pure energy drink powder while live on stream.

HAchubby is a Korean streamer with over 279,000 followers on Twitch. She streams a range of Just Chatting content, with viewers loving her fun personality and IRL adventures. The star has even opened her own convenience store after she had to quit her old job at E-Mart due to doxxers.

She has also managed to get herself into a variety of bizarre or unexpected situations while live on stream, leading to countless viral clips.

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Whether that’s accidentally calling security via a mall robot, or making a watermelon explode with elastic bands, she’s done it all.

HAchubby Twitch StreamerInstagram: HAchubbytv
HAchubby is a hugely popular Twitch streamer.

Now, tens and thousands of viewers have watched a clip of HAchubby trying (and failing) to eat pure energy drink powder.

She looked slightly hesitant as she raised to spoon to her lips, but eventually took the plunge and chucked the whole thing in her mouth.

There was couple of seconds of delay before HAchubby realized she made a mistake, looking as though she thoroughly regretted the decision.

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She eventually managed to grab some paper towels and spit as much of it out as she could. But in an initially quite alarming scene, the paper was stained bright red.

Realizing what it looked like, she frantically said: “It’s not blood, it’s not blood! It’s a drink, it’s a drink.”

While the taste test may not have exactly turned out the way HAchubby expected it to, it certainly ended up being quite entertaining for viewers. Maybe she’ll mix in some water next time.

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