HAchubby gets mad after wholesome viewer makes her emotional


Korean streamer HAchubby got emotional after a viewer complimented the Twitch star during an interview on February 23.

The Twitch star was having a conversation with a fan named Xanthos. After the two discussed the English language and pizza, the viewer asked the streamer if he could tell her something.

“Do you remember viewer stories event?” he asked. “Remember you read three stories? You read my story. I want to thank you for that, that meant a lot to me.”

HAchubby was overwhelmed by the compliment.

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While Xanthos didn’t elaborate on the story in question, he explained that in the story, he was the “one in the wheelchair with the tumor.”

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HAchubby seemed to recognize the fan from a message in Discord.

“You made my day,” he added. “And your words touched my heart very much. So, I will keep supporting you and keep watching. And hopefully talk again sometime.”

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“So thank you, very, very much,” he concluded.

Immediately following the kind words, HAchubby was unsure how to react and took a long sip of her drink before tears started to form in her eyes.

Speechless, all she could do is stare blankly at the camera for a few moments. “Stop crying,” she told herself.

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“Yeah, stop crying,” Xanthos joked.

Just then, the Korean streamer exploded, angrily claiming that she was mad that crying would hurt her “beauty” because the tears would affect her makeup.

For her part, the streamer made it clear that she wasn’t upset at the viewer, but the nice wholesome moment may have lost its charm as a result of the outburst.

Emotions nearly got the better of HAchubby.

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HAchubby is becoming one of the top streamers on Twitch with nearly 175,000 followers on the platform. The Korean entertainer should be able to hit over 200,000 by the year’s end.

According to the third-party stat website Twitchmetrics, she has the 20th most-watched English Just Chatting channel. Not bad considering she joined the site in February of 2018.

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