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HAchubby and Jake’n’Bake call out ‘simp’ culture with Twitch music video

Published: 6/Mar/2020 1:51

by Virginia Glaze


Popular streamers ‘Jake’n’Bake’ and ‘Hachubby’ got together to create a Kpop-themed music video at the behest of Tempo Storm— and their joint creation included a humorous callout toward certain Twitch viewers.

Esports and entertainment organization Tempo Storm tasked Jake’n’Bake with a unique challenge, asking him create a Kpop song from scratch, live on Twitch.

Of course, Jake didn’t disappoint — but his subject matter contained a hilarious storyline, told from the point of view of an overly enthusiastic male fan of a female streamer.

Jake'n'Bake, Instagram
Streamer Jake’n’Bake was tasked by Tempo Storm to create a Kpop song live on Twitch – and he delivered with a hilarious result.

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Internet regulars will have seen the term ‘simp’ thrown around on online spaces, which is generally used to refer to male fans who will do anything to impress a female content creator or social media personality.


The word has seemed to replace the once-popular ‘white knight’ phrase, and was the subject of Jake’s song “Just a Simp,” which follows the story of ‘simp’ Jake trying to catch the attention of social media mogul ‘Evelyn.’

HAchubbytv, Instagram
Twitch star HAchubby brought her unique sense of humor to her collaborative song with Jake’n’Bake, calling out ‘simp’ culture on Twitch.

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Jake uploaded a music video for the song to his YouTube channel on March 5, which included choreography from dancing group ‘The Fatal Dance Girls’ and placed HAchubby in the role of the object of his affections.

The two streamers’ hilarious sense of humor and surprising musical talent made for an entertaining video, which contained a slew of tongue-in-cheek quips about ‘simps’ on Twitch.


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“I want more stupid viewers,” HAchubby raps in Korean. “I want more donations for my channel / I just have to change clothes and sweet talk / It’s easy for me.”

“Currently a VIP, one day an M-O-D,” Jake’n’Bake continues. “If I ever miss action, I’ll just watch the V-O-D.”

That’s not all: Tempo Storm also uploaded two separate videos of the streamers’ music-making process, including their work in the studio and even showing how they filmed the music video on Twitch.

This marks one of the internet’s more ambitious projects, filmed in front of a live online audience with two of Twitch’s top content creators.


While the song might not top the music charts, it’s certainly a testament to how far creative projects have come — and how interesting they can be when put on the spot in front of thousands of people.