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HAchubby accidentally leaks USA move following OfflineTV speculation

Published: 1/Feb/2020 22:45 Updated: 1/Feb/2020 22:47

by Brent Koepp


Popular Twitch streamer HAchubby accidentally leaked her plans to move to the United States during her IRL broadcast with Devin Nash. This comes fresh off the heels of speculation that the Korean personality could be joining OfflineTV.

HAchubby was one of the breakout stars of 2019, as she grew her audience around her journey to learn English through meme culture. However after a visit with Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys on January 21, fans speculated whether she could be joining OfflineTV.

During her latest IRL broadcast with Devin Nash on February 1, the Korean personality let slip that she has plans to move to Los Angeles. Could her joining the popular Twitch streaming group actually become a reality?


Instagram: @hachubbytv
The popular Korean streamer is currently on vacation in the US.

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HAchubby leaks her plans to move to the United States

The streamer was visiting gaming consultant Devin Nash in Seattle, when she accidentally leaked her plans on stream. The Korean personality wasn’t aware that the camera was actually on when she told him she has found a “visa” for the US.

“My future?” she replied to Nash, who had asked her about her future and Los Angeles. “I actually find my visa. But secret!” she revealed. He then asked HAchubby “Okay, are you actually streaming right now?” before she realized it was too late.

Embarrassed, she exclaimed, “Oh sh*t. Leaky leaky what the f**k. Leaky leaky. No no no. This is live! This is live!” The Twitch star’s chat blew up with comments about her leaking the move to the US.


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HAchubby continued to freak out over the mistake, laughing while saying “what the f**k.” Devin Nash then pointed out, “You know what the problem is? You make such a big deal. If you just said it, and didn’t say anything. No one would know.”

She then continued to laugh, before he stated, “I have never known a worse secret keep than you!” Trying to see the bright side of the situation, the Korean said, “I’m happy because this isn’t serious secret,” before yelling, “Oh sh*t, ahhhh!”

The streamer then explained why she wants to come to America, stating her want to learn English quicker. “Because my English study is very very nice. This country, very  fast. In just two weeks, my ears! Amazing! I can understand your English, everything!” she said excitedly.


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Fans hoping she joins OfflineTV will have to wait, as it wasn’t brought up in her accidental leak. However, her plans to move to Los Angeles where the group is located surely makes it a possibility.

At the time of this article, the Korean personality has over 164k followers to her channel. An astonishing feat, given she started 2019 with just a couple hundred followers.