H3H3’s Ethan Questions the Legitimacy of the Beef Between KSI and Logan Paul Ahead of YouTuber Boxing Fight

The YouTuber boxing super fight between KSI and Logan Paul is set to be one of the biggest streamed events in internet history, but not everyone is convinced.

Ethan from H3H3 Productions has expressed his doubts about whether the beef between the pair is actually real, and has even suggested they call each other and laugh about how much money they’re going to make.

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KSI and Logan Paul’s boxing match will take place on August 25th at the Manchester Arena in London, but it was their first press conference in LA that highlighted the event to other YouTubers.

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H3H3’s Ethan discussed the press conference on his podcast, but didn’t seem remotely impressed by the situation.

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Ethan has been known to provide fairly substantial criticism of both the Logan brothers following their high profile antics, which included Logan’s decision to upload a vlog featuring a dead body in a suicide forest.

When discussing the dress sense and trash talk during the press conference, Ethan hit out at the Paul brothers.

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“Who are you guys? Look at Logan and Jake Paul, who the fuck are you? There is nothing genuine about these people. They’re flying in the wind. They don’t know who they are.” 

“These are the people that YouTube selects to promote, and highlight, and endorse. I don’t know what it is by nature, it’s almost like survival of the fittest on YouTube. It’s like you have to be this inauthentic, oil slick that floats in the water to rise to the top.”

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The Paul bashing continued, but it was towards the end of the segment where he raised concerns about the legitimacy of the fight.

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“It’s so obvious that they are pretending to play a role. I wouldn’t even be surprised, if I’m being honest, if these guys talked regularly on the phone. Just colluding to make this the biggest event ever because their whole thing is that it’s going to be McGregor vs Mayfield. “Bigger!” That’s how they’re presenting it. “This is crazier!”

I bet these guys talk on the phone and they just jerk off about how much money they’re going to make.”

Ethan goes on to say he feels conflicted by the subject, because he understands the brilliance of having a boxing match between YouTubers, but he continues to question who Logan is as a person.