H3H3’s Ethan Klein calls out YouTube’s ‘broken’ copyright system

YouTube duo Ethan and Hila ‘H3H3’ Klein discussed YouTube’s recent slew of site-wide issues during their H3 Podcast – one of which was the service’s copyright system.

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Ethan referenced a video of theirs that had been striked for copyright infringement, which had been disputed due to alleged unauthorized use of the song Sex on Fire by band Kings of Leon.

However, Ethan claimed that the song hadn’t been used in the video at all, and noted the disparity of options he was given in order to dispute the strike.

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“There’s not even an option for, ‘whatever you claimed isn’t even in my video,’” he stated.

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He then alleged that there are ‘huge media companies’ that go on large copyright strike sprees due to YouTube’s lack of accountability for false claims.

“It’s so broad,” Ethan explained. “It says, ‘in good faith.’”

He then explained that the claimant had denied his dispute, after which Ethan made yet another effort to assuage the situation. He claimed that, after this step, the claimant has the legal option to strike and remove his video from the platform.

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“The frequency of claiming videos and erroneous and shameless claims has skyrocketed,” he said. “I think they have tools… you cannot go watch videos – they have some kind of automated tools that match it. They don’t even put in the effort to review it.”

YouTube’s issues have been called out by a slew of creators as of late, including massively popular YouTubers Markiplier and KEEMSTAR, who feel that Google Plus’s removal from the site may be to blame for its global blackout on October 16.

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