H3H3 claims Triller founder Ryan Kavanaugh needs to “get a life” amid new lawsuit

Triller H3H3 New LawsuitTriller Fight Club / YouTube: The H3 Podcast

H3H3’s Eila and Ethan Klein has called out Triller founder Ryan Kavanaugh for being a “pathetic f**k” by adding a new filing on top of their $100 million lawsuit for showing a Jake Paul fight clip on their podcast, saying he needs to “get a life”.

Triller and H3H3 have been embroiled in a legal battle since May after the former sued the Klein couple for showing a clip of the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight on their podcast.

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The copyright lawsuit, which valued damages at $100 million, was laughed off by H3H3, who is the only YouTuber named in the action now.

He claimed he showed a 45-second clip with fair use five days after the live event, which doesn’t count for “catastrophic loss”.

“They put so little effort into the complaint, it just seems like a shakedown, a headline trying to scare people to do the $49.99 thing,” he said.

Ryan Kavanaugh Lawsuit H3H3 Triller Ethan KleinYouTube: The H3 Podcast
H3H3 has been going hard at Triller amid their copyright infringement lawsuit.

However, Triller is not backing down, adding a second complaint on top of the first one claiming H3H3 tried to defame Triller through a social media campaign.

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The latest filing, which dropped on July 23, has only riled up the Klein’s more.

“Can he get a life,” Eila said on a July 30 podcast.

“I wish he would just run his business instead of trying to sue us. He must be desperate for cash,” Ethan added.

The H3H3 couple proceeded to bring up Ryan Kavanaugh’s previous bankruptcies, as well as the allegations that he used to run a Ponzi scheme, first revealed by his ex-partner.

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The related segment begins at 10:44.

“He’s trying to intimidate us to shut up or pay up. I don’t know who he thinks he’s fucking with. I wouldn’t ever do that. In fact, the opposite is true ⁠— I’m just going to turn everything into content,” Ethan said.

Klein tore through the lawsuit, saying they used meme shared on the H3H3Productions’ subreddit, and not actually shared by the couple. The lawsuit also lists screenshots from before the April fight, dating back to as early as January.

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“What’s the date on this? January 29. When was the fucking fight? Somebody tell me the date. April 17. I’m not a mathematician, but I’m pretty sure this f**king screenshot…January 29, is before April.

“Nice f**king try douche. Maybe you should try the people you bankrupted instead of going after us. Maybe they should try and improve Triller.”

H3H3 Triller lawsuit document screenshotsYouTube: The H3 Podcast
Klein claims most of the copyright infringement evidence dates back to before the April fight.

Triller and H3H3 reportedly tried to go through “good faith negotiations” before it went to court, but Kavanaugh got greedy and wanted to drag it out for publicity.

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“This pathetic f**k wanted to come on our show. Matt Hoss wanted to do the same thing. Ryan Kavanaugh wanted to come on the show and talk to me. I went ‘f**k no, I’m not talking to you.’ He wants to promote Triller,” Ethan added.

“I would ask him about the Ponzi scheme. There’s some really interesting court filings we found about the bankruptcy. He stiffed a nanny.”

The lawsuit between Triller and H3H3 is ongoing, with no set court date.

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