H3H3 explains why ‘cancel Joji’ Twitter trend is a “compliment”

YouTube: H3 Podcast / Instagram: @sushitrash

During the May 16 episode of the H3 podcast, host Ethan Klein reacted to the ‘cancel Joji’ trend on Twitter. The YouTuber found the situation hilarious, and explained why its actually a compliment to the singer. 

On May 11 a ‘cancel Joji’ hashtag erupted on Twitter after users discovered that the popular singer used to be YouTuber Filthy Frank. Kpop fans became upset by the creator’s old content which contained edgy humor.

Ethan Klein of comedic duo H3H3 defended the artist, and mocked the ridiculousness of people only now getting offended by his past. The podcast host revealed why the criticism actually proves the singer’s talents.

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H3H3 defends Joji

YouTube: H3 Podcast
H3H3 reacted to the “hilarious” ‘cancel Joji’ trend during their podcast.

Wrapping up their podcast, host Ethan Klein addressed the Joji controversy by sarcastically declaring him to be cancelled. “I’m sad to say Joji, the artist formerly known as Filthy Frank is OVER. People have just realized that Joji is Filthy Frank,” he joked.

The comedian continued by mocking those that tried to cancel him. “And Kpop stans, of course, were directly on that to cancel him,” he said as co-host Hila broke into laughter. Klein then explained how it was actually a compliment that people didn’t know about his past.

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“I think it’s a high compliment to Joji that there are a lot of people that never knew what Filthy Frank is, or that he is Filthy Frank. That means there is a lot of people out there that are just enjoying his music. Which ultimately is what he wanted as a performer,” he said.

The popular YouTuber then exclaimed that the cancel movement was a testament to his accomplishments. “Kpop stans that are trying to cancel him for being Filthy Frank, I think is actually a high compliment to what he has achieved as a musical artist.”

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The host went on to admit that the whole thing was hilarious, and stated that cancel trends often backfire. “Ultimately you see a lot of these such is such is cancelled, where it actually picks up traction of people just clowning on the original poster.”

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The whole ‘cancel Joji’ movement kicked off on May 11 when a Twitter user posted lyrics from his past project ‘Pink Guy’ – a fictional person in the Filthy Frank universe.

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At the time of writing, the singer has yet to respond to the criticism – although the cancel trend quickly died off after a couple of days. The artist has been open in the past about the character, and explained it to be satire.

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