H3CZ states why Twitch shouldn’t ban streamers playing with Dr Disrespect

H3CZ explains why streamers shouldn't be bannedYouTube/heczTV

Call of Duty icon Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez called out Twitch in a new video for their policies that forbid streamers from playing or engaging in content from those that have been banned – primarily Dr Disrespect.

In a September 16 YouTube video, H3CZ explained that there was concern from within the Twitch community where if streamers had Dr Disrespect’s voice come through their microphone while streaming, they might get banned.

“The reason why that happens is very simply because, how easy would it be for Dr Disrespect to, say, reach out to a friend like Hector,” he said, referring to himself. “‘Hector, you don’t stream. How about this: how about you stream and every sub that you get, we’ll split 50/50.’ That’s an easy hell yeah to me, right?”

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Rodriguez further elaborated that people who were fans of Dr Disrespect would still get to hear him on Twitch and that would present a problem for the platform.

“How can they stop massive personalities on the platform from streaming with a friend of theirs?” he asked.

Notably, 100 Thieves founder Nadeshot didn’t mute Dr Disrespect while competing in Vikkstar’s Warzone tournament, thereby risking a ban. The same happened with Dallas Empire’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, though neither streamer was banned despite concerns.

According to Rodriguez, the fact that Twitch still has not shared a public reason as to why the Two-Time was banned to begin with gives them no right to ban anyone from playing or engaging with him.

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“If I’m Twitch I’m going to take a little bit of a chill pill and say, ‘okay, he’s not there presently, it’s only 99% of his personality that’s being broadcast on a Twitch channel.’ The problem presents itself when you’re looking at the possibility of him saying, ‘yo, I’m going to split any sub that you get 50/50,’” he continued, acknowledging that streamers who play with Doc will see an increase in viewership.

“Bottom line is, until Twitch is willing come out and say the reason why this is happening or the reason why he got banned and the reason why they are choosing to maybe ban people that he plays with, it’s fair-play fair-game,” he added.

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It doesn’t seem like Twitch has any plans to reveal why Dr Disrespect was banned any time soon, but it is quite interesting that big streamers have not been suspended themselves for playing with Doc given the site’s own policies.