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H3CZ reveals insane $10k basketball bet with Dr Disrespect

Published: 13/Jan/2021 13:59

by Jacob Hale


OpTic Chicago founder and NRG co-CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez has revealed the insane 1v1 bet Dr Disrespect has offered him — and it’s got to be settled on the court.

Dr Disrespect is a man that knows no boundaries in the physical or gaming worlds. He’s 6’8”, and you’ll often hear him brag of his 37” vertical leap, which makes him not only a genetic masterpiece but built for a record-breaking career in the NBA.

Instead, he’s dedicated himself to a life of gaming entertainment as the 1993-94 back-to-back Blockbuster gaming champion, and you’ll often see millions watching him in the arena when he’s livestreaming.


According to H3CZ, though, he’s not all talk, and actually made a huge bet with him to face off on the court.

dr disrespect and klay thompson
Instagram: drdisrespect
The Doc has met several NBA stars, and might have taught them a thing or two along the way.

During a vlog with some of the OpTic team ahead of the CDL launch later in January, H3CZ revealed the wager Doc had made with him.

“No one in esports can beat me [at basketball],” Rodriguez said. “Especially, exclusively, and I am literally meaning this, Dr Disrespect.”

He continued: “Dr Disrespect bet me $10,000 that he could beat me in a game up to 11 by one, me having 10. I don’t know who this guy thinks he is. I think the two-time blockbuster thing got to his head.”


Topic starts at 6:30

It’s unclear whether H3CZ took the Doc up on his pretty generous offer, but this is definitely something we would love to see. It definitely raises the question of how good the Two-Time really is, but surely that’s an offer you take if you only need to score one point.

Hopefully, it’s not happened yet, because this would make incredible viewing, and would probably take some doing from H3CZ to get the better of the Doc — though stranger things have definitely happened.