GTA RP streamer RatedEpicz responds to accusations of homophobia and emotional abuse


GTA RP streamer RatedEpicz has responded to accusations of emotional abuse and being homophobic throughout a two-year-long relationship.

Facebook Gaming streamer RatedEpicz has come under fire after being accused of homophobia, and emotional abuse.

The accusations were made by Twitch streamer ‘Megskii’ — who, in a now-deleted January 26 TwitLonger, opened up about her two-year-long relationship with Rated.

While admitting that both sides were toxic to each other, Megskii claimed that the popular NoPixel roleplayer was emotionally abusive and homophobic throughout their relationship.

GTA RP streamer RatedEpicz responds to accusations

The NoPixel star has since responded. First acknowledging the allegations of making homophobic comments, RatedEpicz apologized to his friends and more important his community — adding that he didn’t intend to be derogatory in any way.

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“This isn’t an apology to her, this is an apology to my friends and honestly even to my viewers,” he said. “So I’m apologizing because I said it, and I know I said it. I do apologize for the words that I said back then.

“I never meant to say it in a derogatory term. I don’t have anything against any people. I said it five, six years ago. I am sorry. I don’t mean to and if I did offend anyone, I do apologize sincerely because I can’t imagine how it feels especially if you look up to me.”

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Addressing the allegations of abuse, the RP streamer noted how there were “there was many ups and many downs” throughout their relationship. “She said some crazy f**ked sh*t. I did as well I ain’t going to lie. It happened both ways.”

He continued: “If I was such a quote-on-quote abusive guy, someone you don’t like, someone that’s so crazy, you hate, why would she keep hitting me up to be friends, play Valorant this that, and the third.

“Don’t get me wrong, I did do f**ked up sh*t and I’ve learned from it, and honestly the trauma that it caused me I let it out on the wrong people and they know how sorry I am to them, you know, it sucks. And I do apologize for the way I was, even to her bro, I said f**ked up sh*t.”

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With Rated claiming that his ex-partner revealed private information, such as his name and face, it’s unclear if the situation will escalate further.