GTA RP streamer Buddha reveals big step on road to recovery after brain surgery

Twitch star buddha offers tentative health update after brain surgeryTwitter: Thebuddha_3

Popular Twitch streamer and GTA RP star Buddha has given fans another tentative health update after undergoing brain surgery in November 2022.

Buddha is a prominent Twitch streamer with over 820,000 followers on the broadcasting platform. Best known for his GTA roleplaying streams, Buddha has accrued a large and supportive fanbase over the years.

However, his viewers were shocked when the streamer revealed that doctors had discovered a bleed on the left side of his brain on November 13, explaining that he’d have to undergo surgery to fix the issue.

Luckily, Buddha came out on the other side just fine and was discharged from the hospital a few days later. He was prescribed anti-seizure medication and was told he’d have to return to the hospital at a later date for a CT scan.

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“This was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced,” the streamer said of the matter. “Thank you for all the kind words and love, it means a lot and helps me push through. [I] will update here when I can.”

Buddha had to undergo another surgery later that month to clean out an incision that doctors had made during the first operation. “Really hoping after this I can just start bouncing back and getting back to normal,” he wrote.

Buddha offers tentative health update after brain surgery

Now, over a month later, Buddha has returned to social media with another positive update regarding his health in wake of his emergency surgery.

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According to the streamer, his follow-up scan went well, saying that doctors saw nothing of concern in the imagery.

“Just finished my follow up CT scan and initial[ly], doctors didn’t see anything concerning,” he wrote in a January 3 tweet. “Will get [an] official update from my doctor in 24 hours, but a great way to start the New Year.”

Buddha also gave a few more updates in his official Discord server, where he said he was “really happy, just gotta hope my official doctor doesn’t ruin it.”

Buddha Discord update 2Discord: buddha

“But I think we’re clear,” he added. “They literally didn’t let me leave until a doctor there confirmed I was good. …I don’t know if that means he can see other sh*t or what, but I think I’m good.”

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Buddha Discord update 1Discord: buddha

Buddha also made sure to clarify that he isn’t completely out of the woods just yet, and is still waiting on another confirmation from his doctors before getting the all-clear.

Fans are offering their congratulations in the comments under Buddha’s latest tweet as the creator continues to heal from the frightening ordeal.