Gross Gore loses his mind after Twitch streamer ‘steals’ $5,000 prize

Twitch: GrossieGore/Unsplash

Popular streamer Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen lost his mind after taking part in a Twitch game show that saw him lose out on a portion of $5,000, after another contestant chose to ‘steal’ the money instead of splitting it.

While many Twitch users like to sign in, scan the categories, and pick out someone showing off high-level gameplay, the livestreaming platform also offers a home to IRL (in-real-life) content.

In the Just Chatting section, you can find plenty of streamers doing just that – chatting. But, others have taken things up a notch, running their own online gameshows between other broadcasters, leading to some funny and unfortunate endings – especially when there is money on the line.

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That was the story for Gross Gore as he appeared on a 15-hour long ‘survivor’ show where the winner would take home $5,000. As other streamers were voted off over the course of the show, the British Runescape player was left in a one-on-one showdown with Moty201, with the pair trying to come to a conclusion.

Even though the streamers had seemingly agreed to split the cash, Gross Gore changed course and said he was going to steal it all but still split it 50/50 afterward, just to guarantee that neither would go home without winning anything.

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Yet, that caused a bit of a blow up as the two streamers went back-and-forth over having “trust issues” with the other, as Gross Gore pointed out that Moty was trying to “get one over” on him.

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In the end, the streamer was right, as the host of the show revealed that despite seemingly agreeing to split, Moty201 had undercut him and chose to steal – noting that it was his plan all along.

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As the conclusion was revealed to Gross Gore, he lost his mind. “You’re a f**king tw*t, you stupid c*nt. You’re a f**king mug. F**k off you stupid c*nt,” he said before abruptly exiting the call – leaving the two hosts in disbelief. 

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Yet, despite his dramatic exit, the streamer wasn’t finished there. He hopped right on Twitter and explained what had just unfolded to fans who may not have tuned in – still pretty furious about everything. 

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“I’ve just been awake for 27 f**king hours on this f**king show to win five grand. We got down to me and this 19-year-old f**king dumb child that got fired from f**king Tesco, I knew he was going to steal the money but he sat there :‘Oh I’m going to split, going to split.’”

After recapping what had just happened after that, Gross Gore blew his top and took aim at his fellow contestant again. “Stupid f**king c*nt. Take your five f**king grand, you stupid little f**king c*nt – you sick little p**ck. Never, never, never get involved in my life you stupid c*nt,” he exclaimed.

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While it was a clearly annoying outcome for Gross Gore – having wasted his time through the day only to be denied at the end – his outburst to end the stream has since gone viral, racking up close to 60,000 views in only a few hours.

That may not give him as much comfort as winning the money would have, but at least the stream wasn’t a total failure.

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