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Griffin Johnson removes Dixie D’Amelio diss from Spotify & Apple Music

Published: 25/Sep/2020 11:27

by Jacob Hale


After receiving a significant amount of backlash from fans and friends alike, TikToker Griffin Johnson has removed the diss track he wrote about ex-girlfriend Dixie D’Amelio from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

When he first dropped the song on September 20, it immediately took off online with his friends hyping it up and, as expected, many of Dixie’s fans from TikTok kicking off online.

While Griffin never said the track itself was explicitly about Dixie or new flame Noah Beck, it had clear allusions to the two and references that appear to be about his former relationship with Dixie.

Now, though, it appears he may be looking to backtrack.

Dixie D'Amelio and Griffin Johnson
Instagram: dixiedamelio
Dixie and Griffin split up recently, but Dixie appears to have moved on — and Griff isn’t happy.

After Dixie used the song as a backing track for a TikTok to expose Griffin’s infidelity with screenshots of his messages to other girls, it picked up even more steam and the situation began to grow bigger than it already was.

Even Bryce Hall got involved, slamming the Hype House for their reactions to the track, calling out their “disgusting habits” as a result.

Now, though, it looks like the backlash has become too much, as Johnson has removed the song from both Spotify and Apple Music.

Griffin Johnson deleted Convenient Spotify Apple Music
Instagram: tiktokroom
Fans are unable to find the track on various streaming sites.

It’s unclear why Griffin decided to do this, as he has not commented publicly on the issue, but the lyric track remains live on his YouTube channel for his fans to keep listening.

Whether or not this video gets removed eventually, or the track returns to streaming services, remains to be seen. He received plenty of backlash for the track, and perhaps didn’t expect to be exposed by Dixie as a result, so he might be regretting his decision to release the song right now.


Addison Rae blasts Ava Louise for publicly flirting with Bryce Hall

Published: 17/Jan/2021 22:22

by Charlotte Colombo


After TikTok star Ava Louise appeared to publicly shoot her shot with Bryce Hall over on Instagram, his girlfriend Addison Rae made sure to mark her territory with some loved-up snaps.

TikToker Ava Louise has been making waves on social media today after a series of bizarre posts, with several of them appearing to be aimed at Sway House member and fellow TikTok star Bryce Hall.

Being sure to tag Bryce Hall, Ava Louise appeared to share a series of sexually explicit messages directed towards the influencer, telling Hall that she “wanted to have sex” with him, “didn’t care” that he had a girlfriend and even hinting that she DM’d him explicit material from her OnlyFans account.

It appears that Addison Rae got wind of the flirty posts, and while she didn’t comment on the situation directly, she jokingly posted a photo of herself hugging a grinning Hall while she pouted. Seemingly making sure Ava knew where Hall stood, she captioned the photo as “mine.” As well as commenting on Rae’s photo affirming that she’s his “baby forever”, Hall posted a photo of the two of his own around the same time.


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However, even this didn’t seem to deter Ava, as she commented on Rae’s post offering to “share” Hall, remarking that she thinks Addison is “hot” too.

With drama page TikTok Room updating fans on the situation, it didn’t take long for celebrity columnist Perez Hilton to weigh in on the situation, as he suggested that Ava Louise was “a better fit” for Hall than Rae was.

This in turn attracted the attention of Bryce Hall’s mom, Leah Hall, who was quick to call out Hilton for his comment by asking him: “Why would you say that?”.

Given the bizarre nature of the messages Ava was sharing, fans began to suspect that her Instagram account had been hacked. As well as posting about Bryce Hall, the account also referred to other TikTok stars like Tony Lopez and Dixie D’Amelio.

As well as joking that Tony Lopez had “blocked her because she was over the age of consent,” Ava also appeared to proposition Dixie D’Amelio. Tagging D’Amelio in her Instagram story, Ava said that she knew Dixie “played for the other team” and made an explicit proposition to her.

While Ava appeared to rebuke claims that she had been hacked – saying in an Instagram comment that she was “not hacked, just h***y” – fans remain unconvinced.