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Griffin Johnson hints that Sway House may be ending

Published: 1/Sep/2020 19:51

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok star Griffin Johnson is part of the popular content collective Sway House, a group of male social media influencers that rivals the Hype House — but it could be facing a major reshuffling in the near future.

The Sway House was created as a way to stick it to the Hype House, another group of popular TikTokers that once housed the most followed influencers on the viral video app.

However, the Hype House quickly came under scrutiny after former member Daisy Keech accused fellow co-founder Thomas Petrou of making key business decisions without her knowledge or consent, and even filed a lawsuit against him.


This news came in the wake of several key members taking their leave from the org, including the likes of Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae. Now, the Hype House is a shadow of its former self — and the Sway House could be following suit.

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Celebrity news outlet the Hollywood Fix caught up to Sway House member Griffin Johnson during a night out on the town, who dropped a few key hints that could point to its dissolvement very soon.

According to Johnson, the Sway House influencers are no longer living in the same home together and seem to be on different paths in regards to their own careers as entertainers.


“For now, we all have different goals and we’re all doing our own thing, you know?” Johnson said of the situation.

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That’s not all; other sources claim that neighbors near the Sway House are sleeping better at night, further hinting that the TikTokers have moved out and on from the famous content powerhouse.

While Griffin didn’t elaborate any further on the House’s current affairs, this news isn’t particularly surprising; the Los Angeles city mayor punished the group for throwing massive parties in violation of city ordinance by shutting off the home’s power and water in response to neighbors’ complaints.


With members Bryce Hall and Blake Gray facing potential jail time for orchestrating the parties, it isn’t too out of left field to think that the group is taking a major step back in response to the drama.