Griffin Johnson flexes insane 4 month body transformation

Griffin Johnson whilst vlogging on YouTubeYouTube: Griffin Johnson

Fans of TikTok star Griffin Johnson were stunned after seeing a picture from before and after his body transformation side by side, revealing some drastic results in a little over four months.

21-year-old Griffin Johnson has become an online sensation over the past year, particularly on TikTok, currently with over 10 million followers on the platform. Like many popular TikTokers, he generally posts lip-sync and dance content, as well as the occasional bit of comedy.

Griffin hangs out with some of the other hugely popular TikTokers such as Sway House’s Bryce Hall and Noah Beck, and it’s not uncommon to see those stars along with many others share clips of them working out in vlogs, and social media posts.

Griffin Johnson taking break from dating amid Dixie splitYouTube: Griffin Johnson
Griffin also uploads occasionally on his YouTube channel.

While it seemed like Griffin has always been a part of the gym lifestyle alongside Bryce and the others, fans were shocked when they compared images of the star’s body from just a few months ago to his body now, seeing a total transformation in that time.

The TikToker described the transformation as being from “the beginning of summer till now,” though in another reply clarifies that it was actually from the end of summer that he began the grind, a fairly short amount of time for the progress he was able to make.

In the before picture he appeared relatively small in frame compared to the more recent picture, which shows his broader shoulders and more defined muscles.

Back in October Griffin let his fans in on the process by sharing a video of him working out with the caption, “I got tired of being small,” and it’s safe to say that he met his goal, as only a few months later he looks totally different.


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In another reply asking him how much he can bench now compared to back then, the star replied, “back then like 165 compared to 285 now,” just going to show how crazy the process has been.

Fans were certainly impressed by the drastic difference, and it seemed that many hadn’t even realized how crazy the difference is, and it’s only looking back through pictures that they see how far he’s come.