GreekGodx shocked after thinking new BTS song samples his voice

Published: 22/Feb/2020 17:03 Updated: 22/Feb/2020 17:04

by Andy Williams


Popular Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘GreekGodx’ Antonatos was left shocked after hearing BTS’ new ‘UGH!’ song, which seemingly featured a sample from his ‘GGX Gang’ song.

Korean pop group, BTS, are currently the biggest boy band in the world. With a combined social media following in excess of 40 million on Twitter and Instagram, it’s fair to say that they have taken the global pop scene by storm in recent years.

Despite being one of the most biggest streamers on the platform, GreekGod’s Twitch following of over 1 million is humbled by the Bangtan Boys’ gigantic following.

BTS at the 31st Golden Disk Awards.
The seven-member boy band unprecedented success was recognized at the 31st Golden Disk Awards.

During his February 21 Twitch broadcast, Antonatos stumbled upon BTS’ new track called ‘UGH!’ from their brand-new album, ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ after being directed to it by a post on the GreekGodx subreddit.

After listening to the opening few seconds, the track seemingly sampled a part of what the 26-year-old presumed to be his voice from the fan-made ‘GGX Gang’ song.

“Are you f**king kidding?” Greek exclaimed. “I don’t know if that’s my voice,” he acknowledged while listening to the GGX Gang track.

However, after listening to the BTS track a couple more times, Antonatos appeared to be convinced that the voice was indeed his. “Mate! You f**king yoinked my voice, mate!” the Twitch streamer yelled while typing frantically in the YouTube comments.

*F**k off! Give me my f**king cut, dude. I said ‘let’s go’ for a second, I made your song,” GreekGod stated sarcastically, before jesting that both himself and his community “made BTS” in light of it sounding like he was on their new track.

After being prompted to sue the Korean pop band, Antonatos admitted that “I couldn’t even sue that for that… There’s no way, dude. Who f**king cares, to sue? Let them have it.”

While GreekGod appeared convinced that he’d been sampled in the Bangtan Boys’ latest release, it transpired that the snippet was from Decap’s ‘Drums That Knock: Vol. 3’ EP — which features a plethora of accessible samples.

It just so happens that both samples were used in UGH! and GGX Gang. So much to Greek’s dismay, his claim to Korean fame has been temporarily put on hold.


Shroud impressed with Sykkuno’s “amazing” Rust skills: “You destroyed me!”

Published: 16/Jan/2021 17:57

by Georgina Smith


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was left in awe after Sykkuno managed to shoot him dead on the OTV Rust server, and it was safe to say he was impressed by the streamer’s aim, saying “you killed me, you’re amazing!”

The Offline TV Rust sever has been a huge talking point since the start of this year, as with the enormous host of streamers participating there are endless amounts of content for fans to consume on the daily.

The server even ended up needing to be split into two after people’s varying playstyles caused some tension and calls for a need to separate PVP-focused players and roleplay-focused players.

Rust promotional image with the logo on top
Facepunch Studios
While it was originally released in 2013, Rust has experienced a surge in popularity thanks to the OTV server.

However, that’s not to say that there haven’t been plenty of iconic moments between streamers, as even though the game can get pretty violent, the vast range of streamer interactions has led to some great scenes for fans.

That was the case for Sykkuno fans when he managed to kill shroud, leaving everyone impressed with his skills.

While they were competing for the Oil Rig, Sykkuno managed to get shroud with his gun as he jumped, and it didn’t seem like shroud expected it at all, dying with a bewildered “no, Sykkuno!”

Sykkuno’s hand immediately flew to his mouth, laughing and apologizing for the abrupt kill.

Michael sounded equally as impressed as he did betrayed, after a few seconds of silence saying “Sykkuno you killed me, you’re amazing!” But the compliments didn’t end there, with Micheal adding, “you destroyed me!” and even “you’re the better gamer, man” to which Sykkuno replied, “no, no, most definitely not.”

Sykkuno has talked previously about how he’s a “humongous fan of shroud” in the past, so this interaction definitely proved to be a positive one for the rising streamer.

One fan on Twitter said, “Sykkuno downed shroud and even shroud is proud of him,” another saying “that Sykkuno/shroud friendly PVP was beautiful to watch… what in the wholesome rivalry.”

The PVP moment was definitely an entertaining one all round, and while the results were unexpected, no one was more impressed than shroud himself.