Greekgodx reacts to spending $60 on skins in a completely “dead game”

Joe Craven. Last updated: May 08, 2020
Twitch: Greekgodx/Turbo Pixel Studios

Popular British Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos had an incredible reaction after finding out he’d spent $60 on skins in Reflex Arena, only to realize the game has a non-existent player base. 

Greekgodx is one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the UK, regularly entertaining viewers with his IRL content and comedic gameplay. He currently has nearly 900,000 followers and over 35 million channel views on the streaming platform.

On August 19, Greek wanted to try something new to entertain his viewers, downloading highly rated FPS game Reflex Arena – not realizing the game had a very low player count.

Turbo Pixel Studios
The game is available via the Steam store.

Greek was struggling to open crates in the game, and accidentally purchased way more than he intended to. He seemed very disappointed as he opened the crates, as he realized cosmetics were split into ‘legs’, ‘arms’ and other body parts.

After he spent some time getting through all the crates he’d purchased, Greek customized his character and went to join a lobby, only to come to the realization that there was literally no one to show off his new cosmetics to.

“This game’s dead,” he said. “This game’s dead I just realized. I was wondering why it didn’t queue up, I just realized it’s because this is a dead game.”


The above moment of hilarity was well-received by his Twitch chat, who started joking that the only person online was one of Reflex Arena’s developers.

“I’ve just spent like £50 on skins,” he continued. “And I’ve got scammed. Completely [scammed]!”

Twitch: Greekgodx
The game’s player count showed one player online, much to Greek’s dismay.

After realizing his faux pas, Greek tried to figure out how to get a refund for his purchases, as his viewers continued to revel in the streamer’s misfortune.

Reflex Arena is a first-person shooter, released by Turbo Pixel Studios back in 2014. The game was brought out of early access in 2017, but appears to be struggling for players, as Greek discovered.

Regardless of the game’s struggles, this is one of the funniest Twitch moments we’ve seen in a long time.