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Greekgodx forced to leave IKEA after very awkward Twitch stream

Published: 29/Feb/2020 16:43

by Joe Craven


Popular British streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos was made to leave an IKEA store on February 29, after staff approached and caught an incredibly awkward encounter on his livestream. 

Greek is known to his millions of viewers for his comedic live streams, often using self-deprecating humor to entertain his audience. 

His streaming career has gone from strength to strength of late, with the 26-year-old recently announcing his move to fabled esports organization Team SoloMid. The announcement was made in trademark fashion; with a bizarre Red-Dead-Redemption-esque video. 

Twitter: Greekgodx
Greek’s TSM announcement video poked fun at American culture.

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However, his audience was met with some unusually awkward content on February 29, as Greek and a few friends took a trip to IKEA. 


While the group were simply looking at furniture for Greek’s new bedroom – having recently moved to the US to join TSM and further his streaming career – a voice can be heard asking what the trio are doing. 

“You’re video recording,” a female member of staff said. “No you’re not. What are you recording? Do you have permission to do that? Did you gather permission is my question. I need to call, just to be sure…”

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Despite Greek explaining that the group is just “browsing”, the staff member calls a manager to ensure that no rules are being broken.


What follows is an incredibly awkward break of around five minutes, in which the trio try and explain live streaming to the member of staff. It’s fair to say she doesn’t really understand, and the situation doesn’t improve when the manager finally arrives. 

Eventually, the manager explains that he cannot allow the filming, and Greek decides he’ll wait outside while a friend buys the furniture. 

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The saga finally ended about 15-20 minutes after it started, with Greek hurriedly choosing furniture before the group departed the store. 

It’s fair to say that Greek’s audience were left stumped by the incident, with many viewers questioning IKEA’s strangely austere policy to someone livestreaming their shopping.


Regardless, it led to an incredibly awkward twenty minutes on Greek’s stream, in which he was essentially removed from an IKEA store.