Greekgodx explains his conspiracy theory on how Alinity avoids Twitch bans

Popular British Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos has shared his conspiracy theory about how he believes fellow streamer Alinity Divine avoids Twitch bans.  

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Coming towards the end of a nine hour stream, Antonatos’ attention was drawn to the recent controversy surrounding Alinity, involving her inadvertently taking a provocative photo of herself in the middle of a stream.

Greekgodx was perplexed by her ability to avoid a ban, despite numerous close calls (to say the least) with Twitch’s guidelines on inappropriate content, saying: “I don’t understand why she never gets banned.”

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Greekgodx/TwitchGreekgodx is a popular personality on Twitch.

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This follows previous controversies that have emerged from Alinity’s stream, most notably in January when she accidentally shared a ‘dick pic’ on stream after opening her Discord channel.

Antonatos went on to jokingly share his conspiracy theory that, “She’s probably the CEO [of Twitch],” he quipped. “She’s probably, like, had a thing with the CEO.”

He then moved away from his amusing theory and vented his frustrations with what he perceives to be double standards in the streaming industry: “She’s done un-countable things,” he proclaimed. “If I were to do that, I’d get fucking banned. If I was to just get my fucking ass, and take a picture, of my asshole. Dude, I don’t understand.”

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He finished his rant strongly, arguing that from now on Alinity should just “play the fucking game dude. Like, dude, play the fucking game.” 

While his conspiracy theory is clearly not to be taken seriously, his comments on the ‘double standards’ of Twitch remains a hot topic, and one that many will agree with him on.