Greekgodx denies racism claims after being banned from Twitch

Greekgodx on twitchTwitch/GreekGodx

Greekgodx is rebutting claims that he was banned from Twitch due to racism and says a clip of him appearing to mock an Asian family is a misunderstanding.

On July 28, Greekgodx was hit with his second Twitch ban this month with his first expiring a few weeks earlier.

The ban occurred shortly after a clip of Greek appearing to mock a family by speaking in an exaggerated Asian accent spread on Reddit’s popular LiveStreamFail section. The clip quickly reached the top of the subreddit with thousands of upvotes.

After his ban, many viewers suspected his alleged mockery was the reason for Twitch taking action, but Greek was dismissed those claims, saying he wasn’t being racist in that clip.

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Greekgodx denies being racist in viral Twitch clip

On Twitter, Greek quoted a since-deleted tweet by esports journalist Jake Lucky claiming that he had mocked an Asian family.

“This is funny because that wasn’t an Asian family,” he said. “That was a Greek family speaking Greek. And to assume that they are Asian is very wrong in itself. My family members are Asian why would I be racist to the people who brought me up.”

Greek went on to add he was just making “random noises” and they were completely unrelated to the family in the clip.

Greekgodx has since clarified that he was banned on Twitch due to hateful conduct, but says he is currently trying to appeal the decision. Twitch themselves never comment on an individual’s ban.

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The length of Greekgodx’s ban is just for two weeks, so expect to see him back on Twitch in August, pending a super fast appeal from Twitch, of course.