GreekGodx gives inspirational speech to fans after return from Twitch ban

Daniel Cleary
Greekgodx twitch

Popular Twitch streamer ‘GreekGodx’ shared an inspirational speech with his viewers about his battles with weight loss and mental health during his return to streaming.

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GreekGodx, who took a short break from streaming after his ban for “hateful” gender comments, has finally made his return to Amazon’s livestreaming platform on October 4.

Many have been following the popular streamer over recent months as he documented his incredible weight loss journey and attempted to inspire some of his viewers with a motivational speech during his return.

GreekGodx revealed some of his struggles during return to streaming on Twitch.
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The Twitch star began by highlighting that everyone who embarks on a similar journey should find what works best for them, “everyone’s diet should be different and everyone’s method of losing weight should be different, you need to figure it out yourself.”

“That is the mental battle that you need to go through,” GreekGod explained, before opening up to his supporters, “It’s scary I get it, you don’t want to think of it, you don’t want to lay at night alone with your own thoughts.”

“You need to have a mental battle within yourself, it’s the hardest thing ever to do and I struggle to this day, I have really bad anxiety but it’s like a war you need to go in full f*king blazing boys…” he admitted, before getting cut off by cars honking in the distance.

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However, GreekGodx found the comedic value in the moment and began joking that his rallying moment was ruined, “Man, can you let me? I’m doing an inspirational speech bruv.”

The streamer did manage to get the chance to finish his speech in the end and followed up by reflecting on everything he had learned since committing to losing weight, sharing what he could with his fans.

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GreekGodx updates his followers often on his progress with his weight loss journey and has hit some incredible milestones along the way.

The popular streamer was absent from Twitch for a while following his temporary suspension, although it is likely that he will be broadcasting more often after returning on October 4.