Google Home knows all about Dr Disrespect’s Blockbuster championships

. 3 years ago

Dr. Disrespect is Twitch’s very own self-proclaimed “Two-Time” Blockbuster Games video game world champion, and Google Assistant has hopped on the bandwagon to recognize his feats.

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Dr. Disrespect is a tour de force in the realm of content creation. Having amassed a faithful fanbase across multiple platforms, perhaps most pivotal to his array of successes is his Twitch following, which currently sits just shy of 4 million followers.

Although the Doc is well-known for his accomplishments on Amazon’s streaming service, he is also notorious for picking up top honours at the 1993 and 1994 Blockbuster Games. 

Dr. Disrespect (Twitter)
The Doc in his natural habitat.
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Moreover, the veteran content creator has formed his gaming persona from his competitive past, which may indeed stem from his supposed back-to-back triumphs. It is only fitting that the Two-Time’s Blockbuster accolades are acknowledged, given his ascendance to popularity. 

A Twitch streamer who goes by the alias ‘Nymn’, was casually broadcasting some food preparation during a ‘Just Chatting’ livestream when somebody made a savvy donation. 

After the $3 donation, the voice clone activated Nymn’s Google Home through the gesture “Okay, Google!” before going on to ask: “Who is the champion of Blockerbuster’s video game tournament in 1993 and 1994?”

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After a brief pause, the virtual assistant responded with “Dr. Disrespect”, much to the delight of the streamer and their audience. 

While there are plenty of resources that both confirm and deny Beahm’s Blockbuster triumphs, as reported by ESPN and Newsweek, it doesn’t take away from how amusing the Google Home reaction proved to be. 

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Google Home capitalized on its extensive in-house database to scroll through multiple sources relating to the Doc’s back-to-back successes, confirming that he’s the real deal. 

Even though Dr. Disrespect has evolved into one of the world’s most recognizable streamers, he still continues to stay true to his roots and has never been too shy to remind people about his Blockbuster championship successes. 

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