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Good Week, Bad Week: Logan Paul & KSI collab, Addison Rae slammed for meeting Trump

Published: 19/Jul/2021 18:24

by Virginia Glaze


It’s been a busy week for KSI as viewers finally got to watch his highly anticipated show, and for Logan, who appeared both in the show and a Sideman collab. Meanwhile, Addison Rae is getting called out for an interaction with Donald Trump.

As summer gets into full-swing, plenty of influencers are starting up new projects, and meeting with friends both new and old to provide exciting new content for their fans.

KSI is one such creator, and although the response to his show wasn’t all positive, people loved seeing him reunite with boxing rival Logan Paul to film some fun collabs.


But not everyone has been in fans’ good books this week.

Bad Week: Addison Rae under fire for meeting with Donald Trump

TikTok star Addison Rae is facing a slew of criticism after introducing herself to former United States President Donald Trump at UFC 264 this past week.

Their interaction was caught on camera during a vlog from internet pranksters the NELK Boys, who initially uploaded their video with the controversial title: “Donald Trump Is Smashing Addison Rae!”

In the video, Rae excitedly went up to the former President during the fight, saying “hi” and that it was “so nice to meet [him].”

While the NELK Boys ended up changing the title of their vlog later on, Addison quickly became the subject of the internet’s ire after her interaction with Trump went viral.


Addison herself has yet to comment on the backlash she received over the incident, with many critics bringing up past accusations of the star not properly crediting dances taken from Black TikTok creators that have helped skyrocket her to internet fame.

Good Week: KSI & Logan Paul team up for collab

In August 2018, viewers were glued to the screen as YouTubers KSI & Logan Paul stepped into the ring to fight each other in an event that became hugely popular, along with their rematch the following year.

In June, it was rumored that the pair would be collaborating on content together, after Logan was spotted in London.

This came to fruition when KSI shared an image of the two influencer boxers facing off in the ring, as part of promotion for the highly anticipated KSI Show.


KSI Logan Paul KSI Show Boxing Teaser Image
Twitter / KSI
KSI and Logan Paul doubled down on the possibility of a third boxing match.

While Logan featured in the main show too, he also appeared in a post-credit scene that some fans think could be teasing yet another boxing match, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

Although KSI received some backlash over the show for it being “overhyped,” there were still plenty of people that seemed to enjoy it.

Logan also featured in a Sidemen ‘Extreme Fishing’ video, and many viewers loved watching the YouTuber have fun with KSI and the rest of the group.

Bad Week: Drama YouTuber Def Noodles permanently suspended from Twitter

Popular drama YouTuber Def Noodles has become a hot topic of conversation across social media after his Twitter account was suddenly suspended on July 13.


Def Noodles (real name Dennis Feitosa) claimed that he received no explanation for his suspension, but it was hypothesized that it may have had to do with mass reporting.

Twitter gave an official statement to Business Insider the next day, where they revealed that Def Noodles’ suspension is permanent. They also claimed that he was banned due to violating the platform’s rules, although they did not specify which rules he’d broken.

YouTube: Defnoodles, Twitter
The YouTuber’s Twitter account was popular among those interested in influencer updates.

Feitosa made a name for himself in the influencer drama world due to both his YouTube channel and his Twitter account, which boasted over 150,000 followers at the time of its suspension.


Feitosa often shared breaking news on influencers and content creators with a self-described “satirical” take. Luckily, for those wanting to stay abreast of internet drama, Def Noodles’ Instagram and YouTube accounts are still up and running.

With TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio set to release her new single ‘Psycho’ on July 23, it looks as though it’ll be another busy week in the influencer world.