Good Week, Bad Week: Jeff Wittek nearly killed in David Dobrik stunt, Charli D’Amelio in Lil Huddy’s music video

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David Dobrik, Charli D'Amelio, and Chase Hudson in a template
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With Jeff Wittek releasing a documentary series about his Vlog Squad stunt accident, and Lil Huddy releasing new music, the past week has been a mixed bag for the influencer world.

In recent weeks, countless influencers have found themselves at the center of controversy. With David Dobrik being slammed for his involvement in Jeff Wittek’s life-changing accident, and James Charles getting demonetized by YouTube, some of social media’s biggest figures are finding themselves on the wrong side of public opinion.

But that’s not to say there haven’t also been some great moments for creators over the past week. So who’s had a good week, and who’s had a bad one?

Bad Week: David Dobrik slammed for causing Jeff Wittek’s life-threatening accident

After being dropped by his major sponsors and demonetized on YouTube following the Vlog Squad sexual assault scandal, David Dobrik came under fire again after Jeff Wittek finally revealed what happened to his eye.

In an episode of his new documentary, the Vlog Squad member showed footage of the day they decided to put an excavator in a lake, and swing people around from it. When Jeff stepped up for his turn, David swung him around at great speed, but things quickly went wrong.

While the footage cuts out before the accident itself, the video following it shows Jeff’s friends running towards the star, knowing that he was seriously injured.

Jeff Wittek next to David Dobrik
YouTube: Jeff Wittek / VIEWS
Jeff was left badly injured after the accident.

In an earlier teaser for the new series, a doctor told Jeff that if his eye injury had happened a few inches the other way, he would have died. Many were furious at David, calling him “irresponsible.”

There’s still more episodes to be released, and a preview of the next one shows David talking about the accident on camera, so people will no doubt be interested to hear what he has to say about the incident.

Good Week: Charli D’Amelio stars in Chase Hudson’s new music video

Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson were once one of TikTok’s most popular couples, but the pair broke things off in April 2020. While the relationship seemed to end amicably, the Sway House claimed in a diss track that Chase was talking to other girls while with Charli, leading to a lot of backlash against the star.

Now Charli has starred in a music video for Chase’s new song ‘America’s Sweetheart,’ and the project is receiving a lot of love from fans.

Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson together in 'America's Sweetheart' music video
Fans loved the pair’s performance in the video.

Lil Huddy was praised for his growth as an artist, and Charli was equally praised for her amazing dance skills. The pair teaming up for the video made the song all the more impactful, receiving a lot of love from viewers.

Seeing the two popular stars work on this project together was hugely exciting for fans, and with the finished product turning out so well, many will be looking forward to future music from Chase.

Bad week: James Charles demonetized on YouTube amid grooming allegations

James Charles had his YouTube channel demonetized amid the growing allegations of grooming and sexual misconduct accusations, with some cases allegedly involving minors.

The makeup mogul has spoken out on the claims and is planning to take legal action against “a series of misleading stories and false allegations.” But, he won’t be making money from the YouTube platform, according to a report from Business Insider.

James Charles next to the YouTube logo
James Charles YouTube
It’s not clear how long the YouTuber will be demonetized for.

YouTube “temporarily removed” Charles from their Partner Program, meaning the 21-year-old will not be able to monetize the content that he publishes for his 25.5 million subscribers. It’s unclear how long YouTube will keep Charles’ channel sidelined.

Good Week: iDubbbz and Anisa Jomha get engaged

Popular YouTuber Ian ‘iDubbbz’ Carter delighted fans when he announced that he’s engaged to partner Anisa Jomha.

They announced the good news via a TikTok video in which Anisa showed off her ring, to the song ‘Chapel of Love,’ with the pair looking super happy with the news step they’ve taken together.

iDubbbz Anisa Jomha Engagement
Twitter: Anisa Jomha
The pair announced their engagement via TikTok and Twitter.

Anisa went on to thank supporters on Twitter, saying: “It’s so nice to know so many of you support, love, and understand everyone’s relationship can be different and still be happy and healthy. This year was hard for us, but not for our relationship; and I think that’s when we just knew.”

Fans are delighted for the pair and are already looking forward to seeing more from the couple in the future.

As always, this week came with its various ups and downs for different influencers, but whether the current dramas will continue remains to be seen.

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