Good Week, Bad Week: Bella Poarch smashes YouTube record, Dream admits to Minecraft cheats

Alice Hearing
Bella Poarch and Dream in a Good Week Bad Week template
Dexerto / Instagram: bellapoarch / dreamwastaken

For TikTok star Bella Poarch, successes in the music industry just keep on coming, but it’s been a mixed week for other popular influencers and their fans.

Bella Poarch’s viral hit ‘Build a B*tch’ has been smashing records and dominating TikTok since it was released on May 14, and the success of the track just keeps continuing, proving to be a great week for Bella when it comes to her new music career.

But with Adrian’s Kickback party getting shut down, and Dream revealing that he unintentionally cheated in an old Minecraft speedrun, the past week hasn’t been entirely positive.

Good Week: Bella Poarch scores “biggest YouTube debut” with Build a B*tch

Bella Poarch is one of the many TikTok stars making a name for themselves in the music industry. Joining the ranks of Dixie D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, and Nessa Barrett, Bella Poarch released her very first track ‘Build a B*tch’ on May 15 — and it was met with critical acclaim from fans.

The nursery rhyme song disses the current online culture that picks apart women’s appearances on social media, with Poarch herself claiming that her experiences getting bullied as a child inspired the song.

Bella Poarch in her music video
YouTube: Bella Poarch
The song has been a huge hit, especially on TikTok.

Her single shot to the top of streaming services almost instantly. Not only did it beat out Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘good 4 u’ — which was released on the same day — Poarch’s ‘Build a B*tch’ also became the number one trending music video on YouTube in the Philippines, marking a massive win for the Filipina singer/TikToker.

That’s not all; Poarch’s track went on to land in 58th place on the Billboard Hot 100, and was even titled the “biggest YouTube debut in history” by Warner Records. That’s nothing to sniff at!

It’s clear that Bella Poarch has some serious star power, and fans can’t wait to see what’s next for the influencer who went from making the most-liked TikTok ever to becoming a songwriter with a historic musical debut on the net’s biggest video platform.

Bad Week: Dream admits to having cheats enabled in Minecraft speedrun

Minecraft YouTuber Dream was accused of cheating back in December 2020, when his 1.16 record was rejected on account of it being “too unlikely to verify.”

The YouTuber firmly denied these accusations at the time and even hired professional statisticians to aid him in proving the drops he got on that run were possible.

However, on May 30, Dream revealed that upon further inspection, he actually had been using a “disallowed modification” in the run.

Dream next to a stopwatch
Dream finally admitted that he had some cheats enabled for his speedruns.

He explained via a PasteBin that: “I felt really terrible for the mods because I dragged them through the mud even though they were mostly right.”

The YouTuber also made it clear that he didn’t want any more drama surrounding the situation, and implored fans not to send any hate toward the mod team.

Good Week: Jake Paul has made $20 million from his boxing career

While some may have been doubtful that the youngest Paul brother would make it far in the boxing world, the YouTube star has certainly managed to find monetary success in his new sporting endeavor.

He kicked off his boxing career fighting Deji Olatunji, and went on to beat both Nate Robinson and Ben Askren in hugely anticipated fights, proving many wrong.

Now, Sports Valuations Reporter at Sportico, Kurt Badenhausen, has estimated that Jake has made a whopping $20 million from boxing.

Jake Paul Money Boxing
Instagram: Jake Paul
The YouTuber has found a great deal of success through boxing.

The star seemed to confirm that the figure is accurate when he quote tweeted Kurt’s tweet saying, “oh we just getting warmed up.”

And it seems as though the boxing opportunities have yet to slow down, with some other creators and boxers looking to challenge the star. Jake even just recently shut down Tommy Fury’s offer to fight, saying: “You have some ladders to climb to get onto my level.”

Bad Week: Viral TikTok party Adrian’s Kickback gets shut down by police

Around May 20, a viral TikTok started circulating inviting everyone to a birthday party called Adrian’s Kickback, which was set to be held at Huntington Beach, California.

The now-deleted video garnered millions of views, and countless people turned up on May 22 to see if there really would be a party.

It’s safe to say things got a little out of hand. With thousands of attendees, fireworks, music, and alcohol all mixed together, it proved to be a much bigger event than was initially planned.

TikTok advertising Adrian's KickBack
Adrian Lopez
The original TikTok advertising the event has since been deleted.

Eventually police turned up to try and shut down the gathering, and they had to use riot spray to disperse the huge crowds. LA videographer Sean Carmitchel even reported that some arrests had been made.

The event attracted a huge amount of attention on social media, but clearly didn’t go as planned.

With Logan Paul’s fight against Floyd Mayweather coming up on June 6, fans are already gearing up to find out who will come out on top, marking the next big event in the social media calendar.