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Good Week, Bad Week: ACE Family hit with lawsuits, Jake & Logan Paul praised by Tyson Fury

Published: 12/Jul/2021 18:39

by Georgina Smith


The ACE Family is reportedly facing more legal trouble after the pre-existing Social Gloves Drama, and along with Addison Rae getting slammed for her UFC reporter role, the past week has certainly had its ups and downs.

Even though the aftermath of the Social Gloves drama following Battle of the Platforms is beginning to quiet down, Austin McBroom and his wife Catherine can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to reports of more legal trouble.

But amid the chaos, the Paul brothers are getting praised for their moves in the boxing industry, and the Vlog Sqaud’s Natalie Mariduena is in the spotlight for her Sports Illustrated Runway.


So, how has the past week looked for some of the internet’s most popular influencers?

Bad Week: Austin McBroom hits back at rumors of ACE Family eviction

The ACE Family have become a hot topic across social media after rumors spread that the YouTubers were facing pre-foreclosure on their $7 million home for purportedly missing payments.

This news was followed by several leaked documents that surfaced on an internet forum, which alleged that McBroom and wife Catherine Paiz were facing multiple lawsuits — and even being sued for $65,000 by a former landlord.

However, McBroom has denied any rumors of eviction from the ACE Family home, clapping back at the speculation in a pointed statement via his Instagram Stories.


ACE Family sued landlord 65k
YouTube: The ACE Family
The ACE Family has over 19 million subscribers.

“Stop capping on me and my family’s name,” McBroom said of the situation. “Ain’t nobody getting evicted, ain’t nobody moving. Stop believing everything you hear haters say on the internet! If we were moving we definitely would have informed the world and made a video about it. Have a good rest of your day.”

McBroom’s response follows ongoing outrage over lack of pay for influencers involved in the Battle of the Platforms last month, with names like Vinnie Hacker and others claiming they hadn’t been compensated for their time in the ring — complaints that have critics looking to McBroom, whose company, Ace Hat Collection, owns the Social Gloves trademark.


Good Week: Tyson Fury praises Jake & Logan Paul

Ever since the Paul brothers shifted their focus from vlogging to boxing, they have divided opinions both in the influencer world and in the sporting world.

Some have enjoyed the extra drama that comes with the run-up to a boxing match, and keeping an eye out for who the stars are likely to challenge next, whereas others are less keen on the idea of the influencer and the professional boxing world mixing.

logan and jake paul sheesh
Instagram: jakepaul
Logan and Jake Paul are starting to make waves in the fighting space.

However, one who’s clearly enjoyed the Paul brothers’ presence in the industry is boxer Tyson Fury.

In an interview with TMZ, he said: “I’ve been pretty impressed with the Paul’s, both of them to be fair,” going on to describe them as a “really good breath of fresh air to the boxing scene.”


He also reiterated that he thinks a fight between his brother Tommy Fury and Jake will happen at some point after the younger Paul brother shot Tommy’s offer down in May. Tyson of course predicts that Tommy will win the bout.

Bad Week: Addison Rae slammed over UFC interview

TikToker Addison Rae ended up as the subject of a Twitter storm yet again on July 10 after she posted images of her doing interviews for the UFC.

Fans had already clocked that she’d posted workout images of her in UFC gear shortly prior to her Twitter posts, but many people were surprised to see that she was doing some interviews as a reporter.


It was her caption that launched a flood of hate in her direction, writing: “I studied broadcast journalism in college for 3 whole months to prepare for this moment,” in reference to her brief stint at Louisiana State University.

Addison Rae working as a UFC reporter
Twitter: whoisaddison
Not everyone was happy that the star got the oppurtunity.

Critics slammed the star for ‘taking jobs’ from those working hard for a career in journalism, saying she only got the role due to her fame.

Addison quote tweeted her own post shortly after with the caption: “Nvm, y’all got me fired,” however it’s not entirely clear to what extent it was a joke.

Countless fans and fellow influencers came out to defend the star against the backlash, and many are now waiting to see whether she does any work with UFC in the future.

Good Week: Vlog Sqaud’s Natalie does Sports Illustrated Catwalk

Ever since David Dobrik returned to vlogging in June, he and his Vlog Squad have begun a series of different projects to get back into the swing of content creation (to mixed responses.)

The group even got their own special with the Discovery Channel for Shark Week, called ‘Sharkbait,’ although it was met with heavy criticism.

But praise is now flooding in for group member Natalie Mariduena after she participated in the Sports Illustrated Summer Runway Show on July 10 at the Mondrian Hotel in Miami.

David Dobrik and friend Natalie
Instagram: daviddobrik
Natalie is a popular member of the Vlog Squad.

SI editor MJ Day praised Natalie for her participation in the show. “Natalie is a phenomenon,” she said. “You immediately get why she has made such an impact on her legions of followers.”

Natalie’s friends and fans all seemed to be proud to support the influencer in her new endeavor.

Although each creator is receiving mixed feedback, so many influencers are currently in the process of launching new projects, meaning there’ll be plenty for fans to keep their eye on, no matter what platform they most enjoy.