Goals and Highlights from The Sidemen vs YouTube Allstars 2018 Charity Football Match

by Mike Kent


The annual charity football match organized by The Sidemen saw 2018’s edition feature an impressive eight-goal tally.

Thousands of fans turned up at The Valley, home to London based football club Charlton Athletic, to watch as 30 high profile internet personalities battled for the 2018 trophy.


Popular podcasters Lawrence McKenna and True Geordie were on hand to commentate the full match, reading out donations that were given to the two charities involved as over 400,000 concurrent viewers tuned in throughout the game.

The Sidemen FC lineup featured the likes of KSI, KEEMSTAR, RiceGum, FaZe Adapt and JME, while the YouTube Allstars included ComedyShortsGamer, Callux and Mo Vlogs.


With a mix of skill involved, there was plenty of both incredible and hilarious moments as players who’ve clearly never kicked a ball attempted to score in the opposition’s goal.

It started off as something of a close affair with The Sidemen taking a 2-0 lead heading into halftime, but following the break, the floodgates opened as the YouTube Allstars’ defense started to fall apart.


The Sidemen’s superior capabilities, aided by predominately by KSI and Miniminter, saw the match run away from the Allstars, with a final score of 7-1.

The best moments from the 90-minute match have been condensed into 12 minutes, with all eight goals featuring numerous replays and angles.