Girl has epic fail playing VR game by running straight into a wall

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber ‘ricardogonhin’ uploaded a video on January 3, which showed their friend suffering from a hilarious slip-up in the midst of a VR game.


After being outfitted in the appropriate VR attire, ‘ricardogonhin’s’ friend went to pull a grenade from her utility belt in-game, accidentally pulling the pin from the weapon and throwing it.

The player attempted to run away from the ensuing explosion out of fear, but ran straight into a brick wall by the fireplace, instead - rather than using the joystick to carry her out of harm’s way.



The YouTuber went on to explain the event in the video’s description, writing, “This is why they start you out with Fruit Ninja. Friend tries VR for the first time and accidentally drops a virtual grenade, creating a real panic run for her life.”

The video prompted some commenters to ask about possible damage to the VR headset, thanks to the loud “crunch” that resounded throughout the living room after the player collided with the fireplace wall.



Ricardo appeared to admit that the gear had taken some dings, answering, “Well, lets just say we're glad we got the extended warranty,” in response to the questioning.

This isn’t the first time a player has had a hilarious fail due to the wonders of virtual reality; plenty of users have gotten a bit too immersed in the experience, falling flat on their faces or getting scared out of their skin in overtly realistic horror games, a la Resident Evil 7.

Image Credit: Fortune / ricardogonhin, YouTube